Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Aven Ellis, Hockey and Tyler Seguin....

My author spotlight today is one of my very favorite authors and has become a great friend.  Aven Ellis writes romance.  The kind of romance that has butterflies in your tummy, a smile on your face and reminds you that romance isn't dead.  Her stories contain some heat, but most of the steamy scenes take place behind closed doors.  Aven focuses on all those sweet moments and the heart stopping drama that takes place before things heat up in the bedroom.  Her new release, The Definition of Icing is one of my absolute favorites.  If you like reading about handsome hockey players and the women they fall for, check out Aven's books, you'll love them!  Aven has not only stolen my heart with her stories, but she has introduced me to the handsome players of the Dallas Stars, specifically, Tyler Seguin.  I have never been to, or even watched a real hockey game, but I'm determined to catch my first game this fall. Finding Tyler and getting a photo with him....added bonus!  Everyone meet and fall in love with Aven Ellis!

Website/social media links:

Describe your books in 3 words: fun, sweet, swoon

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Favorite thing about your genre: I get to make people laugh and fall in love.

A genre that I would love to write: I am writing what I love!

One thing readers would be surprised to know: In college I wanted to be a sports journalist.

When writing, night owl or morning person? Morning.

When I’m writing I must have: Coffee and Spotify.

Pantser or Plotter? Plotter!!!

I’m currently reading: Non-fiction, The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

My guilty pleasure: Chocolate and wine.

My favorite cover from my books: Surviving the Rachel. I love the winter magic on that one!

Which character from your books do you most identify with: Bree from Surviving the Rachel.

My number one book boyfriend is: From my work, Nate Johansson in The Definition of Icing.  From other works: Oh, Holly Martin has a hero coming up that I am in love with-but I can’t tell you anything about that yet!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Do you know L.B. Simmons??

Author spotlight today is on L.B. Simmons.  I met this wonderful author at the Austin Book Fest in March and loved her (and she's a fellow Texan and Aggie)!  Her books are full of romance, emotion and are must reads.  Everyone meet L.B. Simmons!

Website/social media links:

My newest release: My most recent release was The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller. My upcoming release, Under the Influence will be coming May 11.

Describe your books in 3 words: Inspirational, Touching, Relatable

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Favorite thing about your genre: I really enjoy witty banter and angst. The dialog between characters is very important to me, whether writing or reading.

A genre that I would love to write: Paranormal Romance – I wish I could. I don’t have the brain for it. LOL!

One thing readers would be surprised to know: I’m a chemist. That’s my full-time job. I write on the side.

When writing, night owl or morning person? Due to my job, I write at night, but my brain works better in the mornings. That’s usually when I reread and edit.

When I’m writing I must have: Music. I draw a lot of my characters emotions from the songs on my playlists.

Pantser or Plotter? Plotter definitely. I have to know where I’m going. My characters my throw me and veer, but I need to know where I’m going within each chapter so I can work to get to the end.

I’m currently reading: Arsen by Mia Asher. Again. Siiiiiiigh.

My guilty pleasure: Tex-mex. I’m a sucker for it.

My favorite cover from my books: I love them all! I have very been blessed with the artful covers provided to me by some amazing cover artists. My most eye-catching is either The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller or Under the Influence. They really portray the story.  A lot said in the image.

Which character from your books do you most identify with: All of my characters are a piece of me, for sure. So, really, I can’t pick just one. Raven/Aubrey was amazing to write as her transition gave me room to play. Dalton Greer, from Under the Influence is amazing. Incredibly broken but not irreparable. ;)

My number one book boyfriend is: Travis Maddox. My first book boyfriend!

Come see me! I will be at the following book signings: 
The Hard Rock Author Event in Tulsa, OK May 2nd.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Music Monday with Jody Booth!

I first heard Jody Booth perform at a charity event two years ago and I instantly became a fan.  His music is country music at it's finest.  Don't expect the new rock country that is all the rage, Jody is traditional country and his music reminds me of why I fell in country music to begin with.  I have since met Jody and he is one of the friendliest and nicest people you will meet and is very accessible to fans.  If you have a chance to check him out in concert I encourage you to go, his live show is awesome.

Favorite Song: Small Town News....coming from a small town myself, the humor and truth to this song makes it a favorite.
Song that makes me want to dance: The Real Deal, Gold Digger
There might be tears when you listen to: Devil in a Bottle.....I don't know if there will be tears, but the emotion in this song is awesome!
Other songs you might like: Loneliness,  As Good As I Can Be

Jody was nice enough to answer a few questions for the blog! Get to know Jody Booth!!

Current album:

Heaven and Hell

Hometown:  Livingston Tx

What inspired you to become a musician?

My mommas side of the family. Everyone played an instrument or sang, so our family reunions were a jam session. I would've been cast out of the family if I didn't learn how to play the guitar.

Music you are currently listening to?

Chris Stapleton's new album

Do you write your own songs?

Yes. Write or co-write.

Do you plan time to write or write when the inspiration hits?

Both. But, The best ones are inspired and not planned.

Perfect day off:

Bacon and eggs, golf and beer, steak for supper, and a movie in the recliner.

Favorite venue:

The paying ones

Info for current shows:

Favorite song off your new album:  
Working on the new album so I don't know which one is going to be my favorite just yet.

Who would you love to sing with?

Merle Haggard

Biggest musical influence:  
See above answer 

Describe your music in 3 words:


One thing fans would be surprised to know:

I was born a woman, Just Kidding!!!
I play pool on a near professional level.

Weirdest thing that has happened on stage/during a show:

A complete stranger walked thru the back door and onto the stage with a washtub bass, sits it down and says to our bass player, "take a break. I got this. What key are we in?"


Twitter: @jodybooth79
Instagram:  Jodybooth79