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Aven Ellis, Hockey and Tyler Seguin....

My author spotlight today is one of my very favorite authors and has become a great friend.  Aven Ellis writes romance.  The kind of romance that has butterflies in your tummy, a smile on your face and reminds you that romance isn't dead.  Her stories contain some heat, but most of the steamy scenes take place behind closed doors.  Aven focuses on all those sweet moments and the heart stopping drama that takes place before things heat up in the bedroom.  Her new release, The Definition of Icing is one of my absolute favorites.  If you like reading about handsome hockey players and the women they fall for, check out Aven's books, you'll love them!  Aven has not only stolen my heart with her stories, but she has introduced me to the handsome players of the Dallas Stars, specifically, Tyler Seguin.  I have never been to, or even watched a real hockey game, but I'm determined to catch my first game this fall. Finding Tyler and getting a photo with him....added bonus!  Eve…

Do you know L.B. Simmons??

Author spotlight today is on L.B. Simmons.  I met this wonderful author at the Austin Book Fest in March and loved her (and she's a fellow Texan and Aggie)!  Her books are full of romance, emotion and are must reads.  Everyone meet L.B. Simmons!

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My newest release: My most recent release was The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller. My upcoming release, Under the Influence will be coming May 11.
Describe your books in 3 words: Inspirational, Touching, Relatable
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Favorite thing about your genre: I really enjoy witty banter and angst. The dialog between characters is very important to me, whether writing or reading.
A genre that I would love to write: Paranormal Romance – I wish I could. I don’t have the brain for it. LOL!
One thing readers would be surprised to know: I’m a chemist. That’s my full-time …

Music Monday with Jody Booth!