I interrupt this hockey season...

I have this strong desire to go to a hockey game.  I have mentioned this to my hubby and he totally wants to attend a game.  Should I tell him it’s because I've read so many hockey stories lately?  Do I confess that I need to see if hockey players are as hot in real life as they are in the books I read?  This is probably a piece of information I will keep to myself.  I think he just won’t appreciate those players like I will.  Now, let me explain something, I live in southeast Texas.  We do not have much of a winter, people are more likely to roller skate than ice skate, so the opportunities to watch a live hockey game are rare.  But it's on my bucket list, so I'll make it happen!  But if I don't, I just ask that you please put me in the penalty box with Patrick Sharp. That would really "light my lamp". Hahaha!  Sorry, cheesy puns make me laugh. Anyway, if you don't know who Patrick is, look him up (Ladies, you will not be disappointed).  While my hockey terminology is limited and I don’t exactly know what a Hat trick is or a deke or even a five-hole, I do know romance, and these books have it!

18807443Recently I came upon author Catherine Gayle.  She has a hockey series about the players of The Portland Storm. In my opinion, Catherine's hockey books add a depth to the stereotypical sports romance.  The stories not only talk about hockey, as in actual hockey terms, games, etc, but tackle much deeper emotional issues.  Her first book, Breakaway, captured my heart. The heroine, Dana, is overcoming her fear of men after being sexually assaulted in college. She is determined and committed to overcoming her fear and anxiety. The hero, Eric, is her brother's best friend, and also someone she felt close to while growing up.  He also happens to play professional hockey (YES!).  Eric, aka Zee, isn't your typical over confident alpha male that gets any woman he wants. He's mature, takes his job seriously, and doesn't do drama. There isn't any meaningless angst or misunderstandings. This story takes a very sensitive subject and weaves together a story of love, trust and healing.  This is a sweet romance with mature characters and the steamy scenes are very tastefully done.  The second book in the series is On the Fly and it is just as great! Each book can be read as a standalone, but I suggest reading them in order to avoid spoilers.  

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After you read Breakaway, and while you're still in that hockey player haze, check out Waiting on Prince Harry by Aven Ellis.  Prince Harry in the title?!? Yes please!! What's better than sexy ginger headed men?  Ginger headed HOCKEY men!   The hero is dreamy and the heroine is quirky and cute.  This is a super romantic, funny, clean romance. Aven's writing style is fun and witty and I can guarantee a few giggles while reading.

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Other hockey romances that you might enjoy:
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