Why you need to read books by Bria Quinlan AKA Caitie Quinn

Wreckless_iBooksIf you haven’t read any books by Bria Quinlan AKA Caitie Quinn, you need to immediately go to your ebook retailer and buy them!  I even posted links at the bottom of the page.  I’ll wait, you purchase.  *catches up on episode of Castle* Are you back? Great! I first discovered Bria as Caitie Quinn.  I stumbled upon It’s in His Kiss when looking for books for my new kindle.  I think the cover is what caught my eye (It is still one of my favorite book covers).  I loved the humor and totally fell in love with Jenna and Ben.  It’s a funny, super sweet, clean romantic novella.  Her writing and sense of humor are fantastic!  I think I checked Amazon weekly, ok maybe daily, for anything new by Caitie.  Her name was stuck in my head. I needed more.  I soon found myself on Twitter and began to stalk, I mean follow her.  My wishes came true when she released The Last Single Girl and I devoured it.  It is a romantic comedy novella about a woman trying to find that special someone by using an online dating site, and her humorous first dates.  Bria’s books focus on the ROMANCE, so if you want a lot of steamy scenes, she’s not for you.  FYI currently The Last Single Girl is FREE at Amazon!
     While I was waiting on more Caitie Quinn, she released a YA book, Wreckless under her real name, Bria Quinlan.  Oh the feels!! She captured all those feelings of being that misunderstood teenager to the butterflies of kissing that cute boy.  Bria has also released Secret Girlfriend and Secret Life.  Her YA’s are not all fluff and young love.  She covers tough topics that many YA’s overlook, but with humor and compassion.  Bria’s YA’s are true YA’s! They are clean and suitable for teens.  I love her voice and will continue to recommend her to other readers.  

You can stalk, I mean follow, Bria on Twitter at @BriaQuinlan and visit her website: BriaQuinlan.com.

You can use the following links to read my review of her books on Goodreads.
Wreckless:  https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/632596537
Secret Girlfriend: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/729397569


  1. All 50 of Bria's books are in my TBR pile, and i don't doubt the humor in them! I met her at RWA conference and we hit it off immediately during our discussion of country music star crushes. She is hilarious and lucky me, she introduced me to you, Angie!:)


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