Ten Reasons you should read (and love) Penny Reid

Reid Romance

A little over a year ago I downloaded a free eBook, Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid.  I liked the blurb so I thought I would give it a try.  I had no idea how this book would eventually lead me to Penny Reid and would develop into a friendship.  In Neanderthal, we meet Quinn and Janie.  I love Quinn and Janie so much that I have since reread this book too many times to count.  I love the nerdy, slightly awkward Janie being pursued by the silent and incredibly hot Quinn.  Neanderthal Seeks Human is the first book in the Knitting in the City Series.  Each book is a stand alone, but why would you want to read just one?!?  Once you've read Neanderthal Seeks Human you must read the next book in the series, Friends Without Benefits.  This is Elizabeth’s love story.  While Quinn will always be my favorite, Nico runs a close second.  (How does Penny create such swoon worthy men?)  Penny’s current release is Love Hacked.  If you’re curious about Bit coins, younger men, and a woman that has a tendency to make men cry, then this book is for you.  Sandra and Alex will keep you entertained until the end.  The best thing about this series is the women who make up the knitting club.  Separately, they are strong smart women.  Together. they are witty, hilarious and so supportive of each other!   Anyone have a knitting group I can join? I don't knit, but I can bring wine!! Anyone? 

I had the privilege of meeting Penny and spending time with her in February.  She has this personality that draws people to her.  She is as funny, smart and lovable as her characters.  If she’s at an author signing near you, GO SEE HER!!  Check her website for a list of upcoming author events that she will be attending.  She doesn't know this, but now that we've met, she won’t be able to get rid of me.

Top Ten Reasons you should read and love Penny Reid

10. The first line in her newest book, Love Hacked: "He was bald in a way that made me think of both melons and sex". Seriously, are you ever going to have a book start as great as that!?! Intrigued, aren't you?
9.  She won't judge you if you give her whiskey as a present. It doesn't even freak her out when she finds out you may or may not carry a gun in your purse. All of this is purely speculation, not from experience.
8.  She writes about SMART women!! Smart and funny women! Strong women! Did I mention smart women?
7.  Quinn Sullivan- that’s the only name you need to know.  I silently thank Penny every time I read Neanderthal Seeks Human.
6.  In her second book, Friends Without Benefits, the hero speaks Italian. Enough Said.
5.  She knits. She's in a knitting club. I'm sure no alcohol is consumed at said club meetings.
4.  Quinn Sullivan.  I love him so much he gets 2 spots. 
3.  Penny is fun, witty,and a total smarty pants.  I could sit and listen to her stories all day.
2.  She LOVES her readers.  Seriously, she loves her readers. Seriously.
1.  Whatever Penny writes is fantastic.  There’s romance, drama, sexy men, the occasional gun and lots of laughs.   

Warning! When reading books by Penny Reid, you will find yourself laughing out loud and will receive odd looks from your family. Not that my family ever looks at me oddly….

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and on her website: reidromance.blogspot.com 

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  1. I share your love for Penny & the books she writes. Like you, I have also read NSH more than once (really, really unusual for me). I absolutely love her quirky sense of humor, and all of the wonderful characters that populate her books. Thanks for a wonderful blog & homage to Penny.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Penny is the greatest!

  3. I loooved Quinn when I first met him. Totally addicted to Penny.

  4. I have a copy sitting on my kitchen table right now. It has been bumped to the top of my To Read stack!! Thanks!

  5. I absolutely LOVE Penny's books and am so glad you told me about her! Funny, quirky, intelligent characters along with story lines that keep me laughing out loud all through the books!

    I agree with you, though- they should come with a warning label! I made the mistake of starting NSH one evening during the work week while trying to go to sleep. For readers who have trouble turning 'off' your brain and who might, like me, use reading as a relaxation- brain, shutting-off, tool - Penny's books are NOT good for that! I started reading one night right before bed, then couldn't stop reading! Kept waking my husband all through the night bc I was laughing so hard the bed was shaking while trying not to 'snort' out loud!


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