Review: High Octane: Ignited by Rachel Cross

I have read several books by Rachel Cross and enjoy her as a writer.  Her stories are fast paced and very steamy.  High Octane: Ignited is her latest release.  I was lucky to receive an ARC for a honest review.

Everyone’s fueled by something…

Cassidy Miller was living her dreams as an EMS helicopter pilot saving lives in Arizona but it all came crashing down. Suspended from her job and desperate to escape memories of that night, she jets to Europe and is swept along on a whirlwind world tour of Formula One racing courtesy of her father, an executive sponsor of a team. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a driver, who thrives on risk.

Sexy, daredevil British driver Ronan Hawes has no room in his life for anything but winning. Strategy meetings, press conferences, practices, sponsor events, and racing consume him. Halfway through the season, he’s on track to win the Formula One World Drivers Championship—a title that has eluded him for years—and no emotionally damaged woman, felon father, rookie rival, or rumor mill are going to run him off course.

From Brussels to Abu Dhabi, Texas to Germany, their relationship speeds across the globe, navigating the dangerous turns of life, love and racing.

I really liked the relationship between Cassie and Ronan.  Cassie is a strong independent woman who has experienced a life altering tragedy and is coping the only way she knows how.  Ronan is at the top of his career, but past family issues are pressing down on him.  Together they are learning to lean on one another and realize they can't do it all by themselves.  They are two mature adults that are drawn together and immediately the sparks fly.  I did feel like Cassie and Ronan's romance started off quickly and had a hard time seeing the depth of their relationship.  It was mostly physical in the beginning.  As the story progressed you see that their connection is not only physical, but that they have become friends and confidants.  There is no major problem that has you screaming, "Don't do that!" while hiding behind your eyes.  There is a slight misunderstanding, but I feel the angst in this story is believable, and handled in a mature manner.  If you like lots of steamy-ness with your stories, this is the right one for you. Steamy-ness is high and frequent.  While the story was a little too steamy for me at times, the pace was great and it held my attention.