It's all about the Romance!

Recently as I was reading Connectivity by Aven Ellis I was reminded of why I like Contemporary Romance so much.  I like the process of two people falling in love.  I like a happily ever after.  I want to read about awkward moments, funny experiences, a little angst and all the other things that happen when two people meet and fall in love. It's all about the romance people!! Am I right??  Isn't that why we love to read romance??

Beware, I am about to climb on my small, but stable, soap box.  I want to address an issue that has been bothering me for some time.  I want to talk about romance, or lack there of, in some contemporary romance. I'm not talking about sex.  I'm talking about romance.  All the good stuff that leads to the steamy stuff.  I feel Connectivity is a great example of what I'm wanting to discuss.  Connectivity is a funny romantic comedy that focuses on the romance.  All the steamy scenes are behind closed doors.  What I like about this story is that the characters wait to get it on.  What?!? They wait?! Yes, they WAIT until they are ready.  No pressure, just good ol' making out and getting to know one another.  I loved this!!!  To me, this is a little more normal, at least in my world, and I felt the connection between the characters.  I FELT THE CONNECTION! Sorry for the yelling, but I feel this is missing from so many books.  Don't get me wrong, I like a little steam, but I want the build up.  I want the butterflies.  I want to know that when these characters finally get all lovey, that I will be cheering them on!  I want to feel the excitement.  I want to feel that reassurance that when things began to go wrong in the story, that this couple truly cares for one another and it will be okay.  That they truly care for one another, not because the story tells me they do, but because as their story unfolds, I can FEEL it.  Whew! I feel better getting all of that off my mind. I'm sorry if my ranting makes some mad or doesn't make any sense, but I think I'm not the only reader that is beginning to feel this way.  Am I right???

Back to Connectivity and the story of William and MK.  William is British, has a sexy accent, and reminds me of Prince William.  MK is a strong independent woman who doesn't care what others think about her. Together, they have a sweet, very romantic courtship that will give you butterflies.  I recommend Connectivity to those of you who enjoy a sweet romance.

I have read all of Aven Ellis' books and I have enjoyed each one.  She writes cute, funny, down to earth characters.  Her stories aren't far fetched, contain just a little angst, and leave you with a happy feeling. Check out Connectivity and her other book, Waiting for Prince Harry.  You won't be disappointed.

Overachiever Mary-Kate Grant (who is indeed named after an Olsen Twin) has followed every rule to the letter to pursue her dream of working in TV programming. Ripping a page from the “hard work pays off” playbook, she takes an assistant level job at a Chicago sports network to break into the industry.
MK has no time or desire for a relationship right now—she is totally focused on her career and being independent, unlike the other women in her family.

But MK’s plans are run through the shredder when she finds herself working for William Cumberland, a British media mogul who made his fortune with Connectivity, a social media site. William blows into Chicago just like the winds off Lake Michigan and purchases the group of networks MK works for—and makes her his personal assistant in the process.

Suddenly MK finds her career plans in jeopardy. William makes her question everything she has ever thought and has the uncanny ability to see right through her. And for the first time in her life, MK finds herself not only questioning what she wants for her career but for her personal life as well…

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