An Interview with the guys (and their girls) of Double Blind Study!

Hey everyone!  Summer is almost over and school is beginning. Heidi Hutchinson's newest release, Tectonic, is out tomorrow!!!!!   Before I get too busy, I decided to visit with the guys from the band, Double Blind Study.  They might tell you different, *clears throat* but this interview was entirely voluntary and they are super excited!  I caught up with the guys at their latest tour stop and demanded, I mean asked, some great questions.  Check it out!

Angie: Hey guys! Thanks so much for letting me interview y'all today.  With the upcoming release of Tectonic, fans are curious about the guys behind the music of Double Blind Study.  I've compiled a long list of hard hitting questions that I feel fans need to know.  Prepare yourselves.  First question, what do each of you like to do in your free time/day off?

Luke:  I like to stay active.  Lenny and I like to try different things depending on where we are that week.  White water rafting was the most recent adventure.  She's fearless so I mostly try and keep up.

Mike:  I've been doing a lot of writing lately with Harrison. We have a solo project we're getting ready to start in L.A.  I do trail runs in the evening—

Lenny: Running is the best!

Lucy:  Running is the worst.

Angie: I agree with Lucy! If I'm running, someone is chasing me!*looks hopefully at Sway and winks* 

Mike:   And I like to fish.  *looks at the interrupting girls*  I like the peace and quiet.

Sway:  I like to hang around people I love.  I like social settings so whatever anyone else is doing I'm up for.  In my down time I've started reading a lot.  Mostly books that make me think.  Especially after meeting David Warren.  But I'm open to other genres. 

Harrison:  I like to explore the culinary differences in the regions we visit.

Blake:  You eat ALL the time.

Harrison:  *shrug* I like to eat.

Angie: Musical Influence?

Mike:  Southern rock, lot's of blues.  I like stuff with soul.

Blake:  In my profession? Old punk.  The Germs, The Adolescents, Black Flag.  Life influence? I'm partial to Tom Petty, Rolling Stones...

Harrison:  Queen is the greatest band of all time.  They are the reason I picked up a guitar at all.

Angie:  I suggest you listen to a little George Strait or Kenny Chesney and get in touch with your country side.  Girls really love those cowboys. *smiles sweetly while secretly picturing Mike in a cowboy hat*

Angie:  5 Things you cannot live without?

Luke:  Whew!  Ha!  That's a loaded question!
*Sway and Harrison just start laughing.  Blake shakes his head.  Mike takes it upon himself to explain their reactions.*

Mike:  We've been doing this a while now.  There was a time when we used to think that all we needed was our instruments.  But that's just not true.  You start sharing a van with four other dudes and you realize what the most important things in life are *lists them off on his fingers one at a time* One: deodorant *the rest of them nod along emphatically*  Two: toothpaste, Three: Soap, Four: Water, Five: Fuel.
You can always bum equipment off of another band.  Or even multiple bands.  You can always get someone somewhere to buy you a meal—

Blake: Or find the right dumpster at the right time.  Don't look at me like that, Angie.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  *wink*

Mike: But you can't risk hating each other.  The instruments don't make the band.  We do.  If we're not getting along, the entire show is screwed.  There's five of us.  We're the five things the band has to have in order to work.

Harrison:  While I agree with Mike, I would really like to add that food is number six on the list.

Angie:  *looks out of the corner of her eye at Blake* I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear the dumpster comment. *looks at the rest of the guys* I love that you depend so heavily on one another, but Luke, I assumed Lenny would be in there somewhere…Funniest thing that has happened while on tour? *looks at Sway with a pointed look* and keep it clean.

Sway:  Harrison's face

Harrison:  Shut it, dick.
**Angie giggles**
Luke: One time we accidentally left Mike in Albany.

Mike: Ha, ha!  That's right!  I was being interviewed after a show by the local radio station.  Went back to the buses and they just weren't there.

Lenny:  That had to have been before I was around.

Mike:  All my credentials were on the bus.  I had no money, no phone, no identification.  I hitchhiked to the next venue.  I got lucky and some college girls drove me the whole way.

Angie:  *rolls eyes* Mike, I'm glad you weren't lost and were found by co-eds. Co-eds, seriously?  I'm surprised they returned you. *smiles*   Most embarrassing moment on stage?

Blake:  Besides Luke strutting his tight ass off of it at least once a year.

Luke: It's not that often.
*Angie leans back and covertly glances at Luke’s ass*

Harrison:  One time we added a new song to the lineup and I was so nervous about playing it for the first time that I played an entirely different one.  The band covered for me though and changed over to what I was playing.  But I was pretty embarrassed.

Luke:  One time I got too close to Harrison during his guitar solo and he clocked me with the neck of his guitar.  Nearly knocked me out.

Blake:  Harrison also doesn't like to go shirtless.  But it gets hot under those lights.  Especially when you've been playing for an hour.  He went to take off his shirt for the first time and got his head caught.  He panicked and nearly ran off the end of the stage.
*more laughing*

Harrison:  Thanks for making me feel super cool in front of Angie, you guys.

Angie:  Harrison, you’ll always be cool to me **stares at him and smiles dreamily**

Angie: *shakes herself* Sorry, I lost myself there for a second.  Harrison, has anyone ever told you that you have great hair? No? Well you do.  Let's keep the questions rolling, craziest thing a fan has done?

Mike: besides sneak onto our bus and ask for an impromptu interview?

Angie: I’ve only done it once and I promise not to do it again!

*lot's of thought on this one*

Luke: posed as our assistant so that I had no choice but to fall madly in love with her.
*Lenny rolls her eyes*

Sway: I had a male fan steal all my pants off the bus once.  Security caught him in the parking lot as he tried to make his getaway. 

Angie: Luke that’s sweet.  Sway, I think that fan may have wanted more than your pants…just sayin’. *gives him a look* All of you have had the opportunity of traveling all over the world.  If you had to choose, what is your favorite place to tour/and or vacation?

Luke: I love London.  Always have, always will.

Blake: I prefer the States.  I don't like flying over the ocean.  I like big cities.  There's more to do.

Lucy: Even if I get on the wrong train and get us lost in Chicago?

Blake:  *reaches over to hold her hand*there's worse things than being lost with you.

Mike:  The tropics.  Give me an island and a hammock and I'm set.

Harrison:  Australia.  We only get to go every three years, but that place is a freaking blast.  The people, the culture, the food.  I love it all.

Sway:  Italy.  Espresso, art, gorgeous women.  My idea of heaven.

Angie: Texas is nice and it contains all of the above, plus cute Texas girls.*wink* With Luke and Blake finding love and settling down, I want to ask, do you believe in love at first sight? Soulmates?

Luke: Yes *winks at Lenny*

Blake: love at first sight? No.  Soulmates?  Hell yeah.  *pulls Lucy into his lap*

Mike:  Yes to both.

Harrison:  No... *shrug* I don't know.  I guess I'll know if it ever happens.

Sway:  I'm a hopeless romantic so, an emphatic yes to both.

Angie:  So Luke, how’s married life?  When can we expect little Luke and Lenny’s?

Luke:  Ha, ha, yeah.  Married life is great.  I recommend it.  As far as kids?  *blushes*  we don't have a plan for that, but we're not—uh, *clears throat*—we're not trying to prevent it.

Angie:  Lenny, do you still feel as close to the other guys, even though you and Luke are now married and share a bus to yourselves?

Lenny:  yes and no.  I mean, our dynamic has changed for sure.  They treat me more like a sister now than anything else.  Especially now that I'm not their boss anymore, so to speak.  They still come to me for advice about random things.  Sway and I have a standing appointment every eight weeks to get a deep conditioning treatment and scalp massage.  Blake has his own woman now so I see very little of him.  I miss riding with the guys sometimes.  But my bus is AMAZING. 

Angie:  **mumbles under her breath** Bet I know what makes it so Amazing….

Angie: *Grins mischievously* Tell me something about one of your bandmates that the world may not know.

*They all eye one another suspiciously*
Luke:  Sway is a clean freak.

Sway: What?!  No I'm not!

Luke:  Dude, you so are.

Sway:  Just because I don't live like a pig doesn't mean I'm a clean freak.

Mike:  Harrison uses product in his hair.

Harrison: *gasp* you promised not to tell anyone that!

Angie: Harrison, when this is over do you mind sharing what you use? *reaches out to touch his hair* Your hair looks so soft.

Sway:  I see how it is.  Fine, Luke is afraid of spiders.

Luke:  *chuckles uncomfortably*  I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sway:  You jumped out of the shower screaming like a woman until I went in and killed it for you.

Luke:  It was the size of my fist!

Harrison:  I only use a little to help with the humidity when we travel.

Angie: Inquiring minds, mostly just me and Jo, want to know: Boxers or Briefs?

Luke: Boxer briefs

Mike: same

Blake: boxers

Harrison: boxers

Sway: wouldn't you like to know *wink*

Angie:  *Stares at Sway and tries to picture said scenario* Okaaay, *clears throat* most important question of the night, how do you feel about Texas girls?

Sway: *leans forward and cocks and eyebrow*That they're as intelligent as they are beautiful.

Harrison:  she's married, man.

Sway: Doesn't make what I said untrue.

Angie: **giggles and blushes** Is it hot in here?? Just me? *wipes sweat off her forehead* Okay, moving on. *takes one more look at Sway and winks* Mike, what about you?

Mike:  Texas girls are some of the toughest girls I have ever met.  Texas seems to know what it's doing with their women.

Angie: Damn straight! I like the way you think Mike! As a band, and individually you have had many successes, what is your biggest regret?

Luke: * looks around the now solemn group.*Since the overdose, we've all done some soul searching.  I think we have our own version of how we wish some things could be different.  Not being a better friend was mine.  But now I'm looking to the future. 

Blake: My whole life has been a huge series of regrets.  Like Luke said, looking ahead is what I'm doing now. 

Mike:  Everyone knows my history.  I don't think it would be too hard to guess what I would do differently.

Angie: Final question, how do you guys picture the band in 5 years?

Luke:  *blows air out of his lips*  You never know.  I'm looking forward to the kind of music we'll be writing then.  We just keep getting better.  These guys are my best friends and all I want is make music with them for the rest of my life.  Realistically speaking, we might try something new, see what happens.  We're growing up.  Making big life changes, adding more people to the family.  But we'll ALWAYS be family.  The heart of DBS will never stop beating.

Angie:  Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me today!  Sorry about the whole hiding on the tour bus thing, but honestly, did you have to call the cops???  Everyone, please check out the newest Double Blind Study book Tectonic when it releases TOMORROW!!