Delay of Game by Catherine Gayle

Catherine Gayle's Portland Storm's hockey series has become one of my favorite series.  Hot hockey guys? Check! Drama filled hockey action? Check! Great strong women? Check!  This series really does have it all.  Every book can be read as a stand alone, but if you choose not to read them in order, you miss so many of the great stories of the characters that are reoccurring in each book.  It is one big hockey family that keeps growing with each book.  Check out the blurb:

With her father’s health in question, Sara Thomas is focused on reducing his anxiety. That’s no small feat considering his high-stress job, not to mention her own distractions. Everyone knows Sara’s single; no one knows she’s pregnant. There’s never a good time to unexpectedly get knocked up, but now is definitely not it. Regardless, she doesn’t want anyone to know—especially not her father—until she has a game plan in place. But when Jonny, one of her father’s players, seeks vigilante justice on the ice, everything gets tossed out the window.

Cam Johnson’s role as a fourth-line winger with the NHL’s Portland Storm entails more than scoring goals. He has to ensure other teams don’t take liberties with the Storm’s star players. The way Cam sees it, that’s the most important aspect of his job. His teammates call him Jonny; opposing fans call him a goon; the media calls him an enforcer. The title’s unimportant. Cam will always fight for his team—even if he has to break the rules. He’s used to taking penalties, but he never meant for anyone else to suffer from his choices.

When Cam’s actions cause Sara’s worst fears to be realized, he blames himself. He’s screwed everything up; now he has to set things right. Mutual attraction leads to lust, and suddenly Cam is taking penalties at every turn…at least where Sara is concerned. He’s got to think on his feet or he’ll end up with a Delay of Game.

In Delay of Game, Cam Johnson is the strong silent type that is part of the backbone of the hockey team, the Portland Storm. You are first introduced to Cam in the first book, Breakaway.  The Cam I had pictured in Breakaway was so different to the sensitive man in Delay of Game.  I loved both visions, but the Cam that falls in love with Sara, is my favorite.  As with each book in this series, Delay of Games handles a difficult life struggle and demonstrates the strength of the characters.  Catherine Gayle is so great at taking a subject, infusing it into her stories, and demonstrating the strength and compassion of the human nature.  Cam is strong, but he met his match with Sara.  Sara is an independent, strong, take no crap from anyone type of woman.  She has always felt this pull to Cam, but she refuses to look twice at a hockey player.  Cam has always admired Sara but from afar being that she is the coach's daughter and off limits.  When Catherine introduces you to these characters, you immediately get a sense of who they are.  Her character development is so thorough and in depth, that you begin to feel deeply for these characters from the very beginning.  Circumstances happen, love is tested, doubts emerge, and we see just how strong these characters really are.  I started the book late one night thinking I would read a little and then finish it the next day.  I finished the book at 2am and felt like I had just started.  I was so wrapped up in Cam and Sara's story, that I had to finish; no, I needed to finish.  If you've read any of the other books, you will see previous characters as central characters included in this book. You will also begin to see glimpses of other characters that Catherine has masterfully sprinkled in to lay the ground work for future stories.  I encourage you to give this series a try.  I'm glad I did and I blame Catherine for making this Texas girl want to check out my first hockey game.  Steamy-ness is moderate/HOT but tastefully and not overly done.

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