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No matter how solid something seems, if enough pressure is applied,
hearts and lives will shift.
Shane Brookings, passionate surfer and accomplished athlete, was not a
rock star, as much as he tried to represent himself as one throughout most of
his adulthood. Mostly, Shane had always been kind of a jackass. A talented
jackass, but still. So it really came as no surprise to him that the only two
women he had seen a future with, chose actual rock stars to hitch themselves
Feeling cold and hollow, he returned to California to focus on growing
his brand. Determined to now stay serious about his life choices, he never
anticipated Greta O'Neil's blatant shove into his life.
Greta O'Neil, avid artist, surfer chick, and baby sister to a rock star, had a
life that was anything but boring. Having a knack for pulling sad men out of
their funk, she sets her talents on Shane Brookings. She has no intention of
breaking her rules, which include getting too close, letting him in, and
accidentally falling for the guy.
But Shane is not like her other projects. Not only is he built like a Greek
god, he's hardworking, passionate, clever and heroic. (Not that he believes
any of those things about himself.) The rules she has so firmly set down to
protect herself, are more than shaken up with Shane's every push into her life.
Even as they both compromise to make room in their hearts for the other,
outside forces put pressure on their burgeoning relationship. Shane's dream
is put into jeopardy, ex-lovers surface at the worst moments, and their own
faults threaten to violently tear them apart.

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Heidi Hutchinson was born in South Dakota and raised the exact right distance away from the
Black Hills. She had an overactive imagination very early on, and wasted no time in getting most of her
friends in trouble due to her unrealistic and completely ridiculous ideas. Seeing as she was so lazy and
also afraid people would think she was bonkers, she didn't write down any of the story lines that played
out in her daydreams.
During her high school years, she took pen to paper and filled more notebooks than she is proud
of with angsty, depressing, self-depreciating poetry. This led to her writing down more things: notes,
ideas, character bios, plot twists that had no plot yet to twist. After years of cleaning up her own scraps
of imagination with nothing solid to hold on to, she sat down and wrote the story that had been in her
head the longest. Fueled by coffee and her unwavering and perfectly normal devotion to Dave Grohl,
she discovered a writer living inside of her.
She still lives in the Midwest, though not as close to the Black Hills as she would prefer, with her
alarmingly handsome husband and their fearless child. They eat more pizza than God intended and she
listens to her music the same way she lives: loudly.
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