I'm Mad at author Caitie Quinn

I'm mad at my friend, author Caitie Quinn.  Why?  She wrote this amazing novella, Love in Tune, that has left me wanting more.  I finished her novella and I kept looking to make sure that was all of it.  I hoped that if I turned the page really slow then another page would appear and the story wouldn't be over.  Nope, that was it, there was no more.  I'm sharing her new novella with you today because I figure if we all get mad together, she'll write faster.  Let's see if it will work.  Check out the blurb:

Melissa Foehner is a rock star babysitter—er, Tour Logistics Manager—with the patience of a saint. That is until her star and his slacker buddy go missing. Now nothing will stop her from getting the show back on the road…Not even a broad set of shoulders and a smart mouth. 

(Love in Tune is an 8k short story included in the LOL Anthology. It is a standalone story that takes place at The Brew Ha Ha.)

I was hooked after reading the first sentence.  Caitie's writing is always witty, fresh and contains just enough of that sweet romance we love.  In Love in Tune, Mel is a take charge woman that has had enough of the rock god that she has been hired to "handle".  Even though she's not a fan of the rock star, his best friend Kyle on the other hand, is her kryptonite.  Flirting ensues, a little confusion is thrown in and then a few hot kisses seal the deal. You're given a small sampling of how great Caitie's writing is and it will leave you craving her next book. Um, Caitie?  Can you please get busy with that next book? Ok? I'll be not so secretly stalking you until then.

The best part?? The LOL Anthology is only .99!  
To purchase on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1qt1kFI


  1. Happy to sign a petition to get this happening. ..

  2. Can't wait to read this story and the rest of the anthology- I got mine!


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