In Honor of the Royals in the World Series and baseball pants....

Baseball season.  Women all over the world love baseball, but I truly believe the motivating factor for a lot of these women is not just the game, but how those players look playing the game.  What could be better than baseball players and their pants? Nothing! Well, maybe Aaron Rodgers in his football pants, but that's another post for another time.  Since the Royals are in the World Series and this book is all about baseball, I want to recommend this book to all of you. Get ready to meet Cole Collins....

The Practice Proposal (Suddenly Smitten, #1)

Liza Sutherland isn’t looking for love. Not from a charity-auction date she didn’t even bid on and especially not with Nationals first baseman Cole Collins, the guy she obsessed over as an awkward teenager. She won’t get involved with a notorious player, no matter how attractive Cole is. 

Cole Collins is up for contract renegotiation, but after too many late-night parties, he’ll need some positive publicity before he can make the roster. His agent, Frank, pitches Liza as the perfect prop…only Cole didn’t account for Liza no longer being just a teenager with a crush. She’s gorgeous and smart and he’s instantly hooked. 

When Frank makes Liza a deal she can’t refuse—a bet she will fall in love with Cole or a cool half mil goes to charity—the game is on. But neither bet on the real feelings that surface. Could a fake fling turn into an official forever?

I love this book.  There really isn't anything about this story I don't like.  It has humor, romance, and most importantly, Cole Collins.  Cole is rugged, sexy, funny and he plays baseball.  Did I mention he plays baseball?  I can't help but think that he looks really, really good in those baseball pants...*stares off into space imagining this*....(Sorry, I tend to get a little sidetracked when Cole is involved.)  Liza is that girl that we can all relate to.  She's not pretentious, not anywhere near perfect, and she's afraid of having her heart broken.  Plus, she has had this huge crush on my man Cole for years.  When Cole and Liza reconnect there are major fireworks, sweet romantic moments and lots of laughter.  The two of them together just make my heart happy.  The angst in this book is on the lighter side, which to me makes this the perfect read when you need a pick-me-up or just want to get lost in a story without a lot of heavy undertones.  I have re-read this book many times and each time I still get butterflies in those sappy moments and it is easily one of my favorite books of all time.
Steamy-ness is light and totally perfect for the story.

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  1. Aw Angie, thanks so much for this post! I'm so happy you like The Practice Proposal, and Cole! So awesome that it's one of your favorite books of all time. That gives me butterflies! :) <3


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