What Happens at Book Club...Beauty and the Mustache

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Shannon, my amazing friend who has the best book club ever!  If you don't believe me, check out her first guest post here.  Shannon's post was so popular that I forced, I mean I asked her very nicely, for another peak into her awesome book club! This installment of What Happens at Book Club features Penny Reid's Beauty and the Mustache.  Check out Shannon's post!

There are good books and there are books that are good for book club discussions. Sometimes readers are lucky enough to find a book that not only meets, but exceeds both criteria. Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid is a two-for!  It has depth and breadth. It is thought provoking and entertaining. It promotes not only lively discussion and debate, but also produces laughter and levity.

Penny pulled a switcheroo, the proverbial wool over our eyes, with this installment in the Knitting in the City series. From swoony men and old-school romance to a healthy dose of angst, grief and loss, ALL THE FEELS and a colorful rainbow of characters are woven throughout Ashley’s story. Oh, and the touching and hilarious sibling dynamic is the perfect base layer in this warm blanket of good bookness.

Beauty and the Mustache wasn’t What Happens at Book Club, Stays at Book Club’s first Penny Reid Rodeo. No siree! I had a feeling, however, that it would be impossible to recreate the magic=insanity of our original “Knit Night” gathering for Neanderthal Seeks Human.

As the boss of book club, I plucked lovely threads from the novel and knit them into a fun, feel-good and philosophical gathering. 

Poetry and Pie
Red Wine and Moonshine
Buttered Biscuits and Beards
Nietzsche and Knitting

Reading is a solitary activity, and can be a deeply personal one as well. But after reading a uniquely amazing book, a book that brings people together, a book like Beauty and the Mustache, there is no better way to spend an evening with friends than sharing the experience. 

Everyone head over to Shannon's Facebook page, What Happens at Book Club.  Like her page and tell her Angie Bookworm sent you and I will choose a random commenter to win an ebook copy of Beauty and the Mustache!  


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