12 Days of Christmas: Reinventing a famous Christmas Character....

If you could reinvent a famous Christmas character (Rudolf, Frosty the Snowman, Jack Frost, Santa Claus, etc.) and write you own version of their story (like a fairytale retelling), which one would you choose and why?.....This is so HARD! Ok, I choose Jack Frost and if I were reinventing the character, I would make him tall, dark and handsome. My boy Jack would fall head over heels for a cute southern girl because shouldn't all men fall for us sweet southern girls?!? AND if I'm reinventing and writing my own story, there would be a talking horse named Maximus...and a castle....possibly a little magic involved....and lots of kissing ;)

Speaking of lots of kissing.....I want to share with you TWO awesome holiday reads that I have recently read and loved and are perfect for this holiday season!

Holiday Hat Trick by Catherine Gayle is a sweet novella that features one of the many gorgeous hockey players from her Portland Storm hockey series.  In this story, Mitchell "Q" Quincey, is traveling home for Christmas to see his young daughter who lives with his ex-wife.  This just happens to be the ex-wife that he still loves.  Mia Quincey is surprised to find Mitchell on her doorstep on Christmas eve and is finding it hard to keep the love she has for him hidden.  Mitchell and Mia have no hope when it come to the magic of Christmas and the power of love.  Great story to curl up with on a cold night. Some novellas can seem too short and character development shallow, but Catherine does an excellent job of engaging the reader and proving that great romance is not limited by word count.

Tangled: A Moreno Brothers Novella is a fun holiday read that will have you routing for this couple until the very end.  I have read all the books in Elizabeth Reyes' Moreno Brother Series.  My Favorite? The only guy that isn't a Moreno, Romero.  He is very alpha male, has a temper that goes from 0 to 60 in 1.5 seconds, but when he met the love of his life, Izzy, he fell hard and fast.  In this short novella we get a small glimpse into their lives. They have two sweet kiddos, are dealing with the everyday stress of being a parent who works and still wants to do it all, and trying to schedule in some sexy times with the one you love.  If you've read any of the books in this series I encourage you to check out Tangled and revisit the gang.  If you haven't read any of Elizabeth Reyes' books and you love a good alpha male, she writes some of the best so check her out ASAP.

Come join the party!! I will be taking over Reading and Things: 12 Days of Christmas event tonight and would love for you to come say hi! I just might be giving away a book or two!