Change of Hart

A few days ago I received a message from a friend saying that she had read M.E Carter's Change of Hart and that she loved it.  What did I do? I immediately clicked over to Amazon to check it out.  Hot football player romance?  Yes!  So I did what any sane person who has a one-click addiction would do, I purchased it!  Since it's the holidays I haven't had a chance to read much so my Need-to-be-read-NOW list is getting long, but Change of Hart on my kindle was calling to me.  CALLING. TO. ME.  So I began to read, because you don't ignore a book that's calling to you. You just don't.  A little while later, (or a few hours, but who really counts?) I finished the book.  Then I immediately got online and stalked the author. I mean sent her a nice comment on Facebook....and then found her on Twitter.....and then Goodreads. Then I found out she lives in Texas, and well, this Texas girl found her a new go-to author!  Check out the blurb for Change of Hart.

My name is Jason Hart.

As the best defensive lineman in the country, I eat, sleep and breathe football. And I like it that way. I’ve only got a few more years before I’ll have to retire, so expending energy on anything other than football seems like a waste of time.

That is, until I have a random meeting with a little boy who just lost his father. We have more in common than you might think and it creates an unlikely bond. As our friendship grows, so do my feelings for his mother.

I know Addison, as a recent widow, isn’t ready to date again. But I want to get to know her better, in spite of all her rejections.

Is it possible that I, a self-proclaimed bachelor, could be having a Change of Hart?

I am a huge fan of sports romance, but sometimes it's hard to find a fun sweet sports romance that isn't erotica or all about the sexy times.  Change of Hart is light hearted, has an awesome cast of characters and it's all about the romance.  Don't get me wrong, there are sexy times, but they are relevant and come at just the right moment for these characters.  M.E Carter does a great job of developing the characters and letting the romance between Jason and Addison build at a such a natural pace that it makes the love between them realistic.  Jason Hart is a playboy, and while it is implied several times, it is not constantly thrown in your face.  Personally I don't need to be reminded that my leading man has a one track mind when it comes to women and can't seem to stick to just one, or two, or twelve.  Actions speak louder than words and Jason's actions throughout the story prove just what kind of man he is.  Addison's character is a little mysterious at first, but likable, and her backstory contributes wonderfully to her character.  When the two of them meet there are just enough sparks to set the stage for this great romance.  While Jason and Addison's romance is the main event, Jaxson, Addison's son, steals the show!  The storyline between Jason and Jaxson is what really melted my heart and made me fall completely in love with Jason's character.  Change of Hart is M.E Carter's first book and I think she did a fantastic job of showcasing her writing and I cannot wait to read what she writes next!  Steamy-ness is light/moderate.

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