My Letter to Penny Reid

Dearest Penelope Reid,

I'm channeling my inner Drew and writing you a letter to express my love for your latest release, Scenes From the City.  While I love you like a boy band loves hair gel, this is more of a thank you than a love letter and my words will not be near as eloquent as those in Drew's letters to Ashley.

Thank you for giving me the vision of Quinn in only swim trunks on a tropical island.  I am forever in debt to you for letting me revisit those fabulous abs, but where does he hide his gun?!?

Thank you for letting Sandra use a stun gun.  This is priceless and I might be a tad bit jealous.

Thank you for reminding me that Drew is THE MAN and everyone else will always fall short, except for Quinn, because, well, he's QUINN!  Also, thank you for keeping Drew's beard nice and tidy and not giving him a man bun....

Thank you for giving me an awesome glimpse of what is to become between Fiona and Greg.  Their story is going to be EPIC!  I am now anxiously awaiting their love story.  Get on that one, ok?

Most of all, thank you for giving all your readers the gift of peeking into the lives of our favorite people without it feeling creepy and/or getting us arrested.

Love you like a shark loves a fisherman with a hole in his boat....


Want to read Scenes From the City for yourself? Hurry because it will only be available until December 15th and then it will be locked in the vault, never to be seen again, unless you see Penny at a signing and purchase it in paperback.