Solving for Nic

If you like romances with strong Alpha males that are brought to their knees by sweet, but sassy women, then Lexxi Callahan is the author for you.  I became a fan of Lexxi's and began stalking, I mean following her, after I read the first installment of her Southern Style Series, Sweetened with a Kiss.  Her hero's are very alpha male, but the chemistry with their leading ladies are off the chart. Check out the blurb for her newest release, Solving for Nic.

Now that Lizzie Sellers is twenty-one, Nic Maretti can't think of a single reason why he has to stay away from her any longer. When he sees her again at Stefan and Jen's wedding, he decides he wants her. And what Nic wants, Nic gets.

He just gets a whole lot more than he bargained for with Lizzie...

Lizzie Sellers has had a crush on Nic since she was seventeen. Now that she's started a doctoral program in theoretical math, she decides it's time to put away childish things so she can focus on millennium prizes and solving one of the world's unsolvable problems. So when she sees Nic at Jen and Stefan's wedding she decides it's the perfect opportunity to get him out of her system. There is no way the real Nic Maretti could ever live up to the fantasy she's created over the years.

Except Lizzie finds out quickly that solving her Nic problem may be even more impossible than solving the Riemann Hypothesis. And sometimes reality is way better than fantasy.

What happens when two people who have already made up their minds about their future discover an even better solution that is at once terrifying and irresistible?

I have anxiously been awaiting the next book in this series and I may or may not have repeatedly questioned Lexxi about it.  I have reread Sweetened with a Kiss several times and couldn't wait to see which character would be chosen to fall in love next.  Nic is Italian... enough said!  Just joking! He's sexy, independently wealthy and has no problem going after what, or who, he wants.  Jen is a closet nerd who portrays herself as the ditzy party girl, but has always had a thing for sexy Nic.  From the beginning Lexxi does a wonderful job letting us know these characters, getting us inside their heads and understanding just what makes them tic.  The relationship between Nic and Jen begins quickly and the dynamic between the two is set.  While Nic is all independent and doesn't have time for love, Jen stops him in his tracks.  He has to work to get her and the chase is on!  Steamyness is HOT, but tasteful.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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