White Lies

I love all types of romance, but one of my faves will always be ChickLit.  When an author can write a great butterfly inducing romance that includes a humorous heroine, it's like magic.  Emily Harper knows how to write that magic.  Check out the blurb for White Lies:

Imagine standing in line at Harvey Nichols waiting to buy the most gorgeous silk Gucci dress. The only minor problem? You can’t afford it, it’s a size smaller than you are, and you have absolutely no place to wear it.

Meet Natalie Flemming: a twenty-something woman working in London for a fabulous shoe-designing firm, but the only thing they let her touch is the company’s tax forms. She has decided to give fate a vacation and takes the task of finding the man of her dreams (or Johnny Depp if he would just return her calls…) into her own hands.

She craves adventure, spontaneity, passion- or will just settle for a decent date.

From the first page I knew I was going to like these characters.  Natalie's thoughts on the world around her, and finding her Mr. Right, kept me in laughter.  It isn't awkward at all to be sitting with your family and suddenly crack up reading something.....much!  I think my favorite parts of the book were the letters Natalie wrote to her future husband. Something about those letters tugged at my heart every time and they were a perfect segway into each new chapter.  Emily Harper did an awesome job of developing each character and with her  descriptive writing I could easily see these characters in my mind.  If you need a light hearted romance that you will quickly find yourself enamored with, I encourage you to read White Lies. Steamy-ness is light, with a few hot kisses and sexy times happen behind closed doors.

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