He Kissed Me First

It seems that so many of the romances that I have read lately have been serious, so when I stumbled across He Kissed Me First, I couldn't wait to read this romantic comedy.  The dialogue is fast paced, witty and fun!  While it took me a while to like the foul mouthed sarcastic Matthew, his tenaciousness at catching Cecelia was too cute to ignore.  Cecelia's strong, yet modest, personality was the perfect match for Matthew.  The supporting cast of characters added to the funny scenes and made it feel like you were catching up with friends.  Steamyness is mild.

"Trust me - If there's one thing I'm not attracted to, it's an arrogant, selfish and foul-mouth hockey player. I know what I want, and Matthew Wakefield isn't it." - Cecelia Carter

From the first moment they laid eyes on each other, all Cecelia Carter and Matthew Wakefield do is bicker. Fight. Even though he is her roommates brother, Cece just can't stand the sight of him, and Matthew - well. He could never resist a challenge...

That can't be a good combination, can it?

But sometimes, love happens when you least expect it.