No More Regrets

I recently read Tamra Lassiter's newest release, No More Regrets.  It is a cute love story with a little suspense added into the usual drama.  I liked the storyline, the story moved quickly and the suspense element was just enough to hold my curiosity.  The characters were likable, but I felt I never really connected with them and to me, the romance was insta-love without any depth.  I felt as though the author could have spent a little more time drawing the reader in and establishing more of a basis of why they fell in love.  It was more lust over love and it never moved past that.  If you enjoy quick Harlequin Romance like reads, No More Regrets fits perfectly into that category and you will enjoy this romance.  **I was given a copy of the book in exchange for a honest review**

Don’t let yesterday’s regrets control your future.

Rocked by her husband’s infidelity and subsequent divorce, Emmy Bennett is doing her best to keep her children’s lives steady and not repeat the mistakes of her past. Selling her jewelry to pay the mortgage seems like a great idea until she finds herself face-to-face with a gun.

Retired Navy SEAL, Ed Jackson, is captivated by Emmy the first moment he sees her. Her nervous mannerisms get his attention, but when he saves Emmy from an attempted robbery, he discovers that maybe he’s pulled to her for reasons other than his curiosity.

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