Music Monday: 10 Songs to Start Your Week....

1. Dance Her Home by Cody Johnson
    This song makes me want to find the nearest dance floor and two-step with the hubby.

2. Fall Into Me- Brantley Gilbert
    Makes me melt. EVERY. TIME.

3. Home to Me- Curtis Grimes
    Great upbeat song, reminds me a little of a Clay Walker song.

4. Let Me Lay My Love On You- Andy Velo
    A great love song.

5. No Bad Days- Ray Johnston Band
    Awesome song with an awesome message.

6. Words- Clayton Gardner
    Such an emotional song; reminds me to cherish my family.

7. Wine About It- Hunter Hutchinson
    This is a fun song and it's about wine....perfect!

8. I Won't Ever Let Go- Clay Thrash
   Another great love song. Love this guy's voice!

9. Feels Good to Me- Ross Coppley
    A fun song to start off your summer!

10. She Does- Alex Smith
     This guy's voice is fantastic....why doesn't he have a record???? When he finally releases one, I'll        be the first in line to buy it.  Love his music.