New Music Monday!

Not only do I love books but I love listening to live music, especially country music.  I am dedicating Mondays to music and I hope you find some new-to-you artists and songs!

Today I want to introduce you to M Callahan.  I found his music when I came across his profile on Twitter about a year ago.  Since then I have become a fan of his down home country sound.  While he was born in Arkansas, this Texas girl approves of the fact that he came to Texas after high school graduation,and even better, came to Houston.  While I wish I could say he stayed, he didn't, and currently resides in the next best location, Nashville, Tennessee. But while in Texas he did begin to develop his sound/technique, drawing upon the unique styles of Texan songwriters, such as Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earl, Charlie Robison, Lyle Lovett, Kevin Fowler, and Pat Green.

M Callahan has two albums, Chicken on a Chain and Trailer Park Paradise.  Don't let the quirky album names mislead you, he has a great sound and mixes soulful with fun.

My Recommendations on His Music:

Favorite Song: The Day We Fell In Love
Song that makes me want to dance: Wrecking My World
There might be tears when you listen to: This Ain't Right
Other songs you might like: Somebody's Arms, Trailer Park Paradise

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You can find M Callahan at:

Know any music that you think I should check out? Comment below or send me an email, I love finding new music!

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