Authors: Need a unique cover? Check out this Etsy shop!

Cheyanne Young is not only the author of Motorcross Me and other fantastic books, but she also makes custom book covers and sells them in her Etsy shop!!

Etsy shop:
Use the coupon code COVER (good until June 30th) and get 30% off your purchase. ( also applies to the books in her shop)

As of now, she is selling on Etsy because it's easy, but she might incorporate a way to purchase them on her website in the future.  Right now it is mostly YA/NA covers but she will be expanding into other genres soon.

From Cheyanne:  I'm an indie writer and publisher so the DIY publishing style is very close to my heart. I love helping out other indie authors and offer my skills at reasonable prices to help other writers get their work out there and have fun doing it.

Cheyanne has been generous enough to offer a giveaway of any cover from her shop!! If you don't have a title or book in mind yet, she'll be happy to hold it for you until you know what you want.  

To win: Just comment and tell me some of your favorite book covers!  Does a book cover influence your perception of a book?


  1. I think the cover of the Watchmen graphic novel with the smiley face and bloodstain is iconic. It shows how simplicity can convey so much. Only three colors-red, yellow, black.


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