Do you know L.B. Simmons??

Author spotlight today is on L.B. Simmons.  I met this wonderful author at the Austin Book Fest in March and loved her (and she's a fellow Texan and Aggie)!  Her books are full of romance, emotion and are must reads.  Everyone meet L.B. Simmons!

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My newest release: My most recent release was The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller. My upcoming release, Under the Influence will be coming May 11.

Describe your books in 3 words: Inspirational, Touching, Relatable

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Favorite thing about your genre: I really enjoy witty banter and angst. The dialog between characters is very important to me, whether writing or reading.

A genre that I would love to write: Paranormal Romance – I wish I could. I don’t have the brain for it. LOL!

One thing readers would be surprised to know: I’m a chemist. That’s my full-time job. I write on the side.

When writing, night owl or morning person? Due to my job, I write at night, but my brain works better in the mornings. That’s usually when I reread and edit.

When I’m writing I must have: Music. I draw a lot of my characters emotions from the songs on my playlists.

Pantser or Plotter? Plotter definitely. I have to know where I’m going. My characters my throw me and veer, but I need to know where I’m going within each chapter so I can work to get to the end.

I’m currently reading: Arsen by Mia Asher. Again. Siiiiiiigh.

My guilty pleasure: Tex-mex. I’m a sucker for it.

My favorite cover from my books: I love them all! I have very been blessed with the artful covers provided to me by some amazing cover artists. My most eye-catching is either The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller or Under the Influence. They really portray the story.  A lot said in the image.

Which character from your books do you most identify with: All of my characters are a piece of me, for sure. So, really, I can’t pick just one. Raven/Aubrey was amazing to write as her transition gave me room to play. Dalton Greer, from Under the Influence is amazing. Incredibly broken but not irreparable. ;)

My number one book boyfriend is: Travis Maddox. My first book boyfriend!

Come see me! I will be at the following book signings: 
The Hard Rock Author Event in Tulsa, OK May 2nd.