Need a Cover Model?

Many authors spend countless hours searching for that face that will perfectly depict their characters and their story.  I thought I'd help out and provide you with some new faces to check out and hopefully use to create one of a kind covers!  A friend of mine has used Miles Logan for a few of her covers so I asked Miles to send me a little information on himself and he has graciously done so. Everyone, meet Miles Logan!

I was born and raised in Alabama. I've always been kind of a scrawny kid until one day I woke up and just decided I didn't want to be scrawny anymore.  I've been fortunate to have some really inspiring and motivating guys in my life to push me to always be better.  I hope I can be that for others.

I've been on two covers for Bella Jewel (Angels in Leather, Life After Taylah), three covers so far for Heidi Hutchinson (Tectonic, Deepest Blues, The Hope That Starts) with more planned for the future.  I'll be on a cover for Renee Lee Fisher soon, with the shoot for it happening this fall. 

A lot of my newer photos have been taken by Laura Gibson at Aletheia Designs and are available for covers as well.

Anyone can usually reach me on my facebook page, website, or email (
Social Media Links:
Instagram: milesloganfitness
Twitter: @FitMiles 

Check out some more pics of Miles!