Music Monday featuring Tyler Rich

In the last year most of the new music I listen to has come from music artists that I have happened upon on Twitter. As I begin to follow them, Twitter "suggests" others who I might like and sometimes I stumble upon those that create music that you know you were made to listen to and find yourself anxiously awaiting for them to play at a venue near you so you can experience the joy of listening to that music live.  Recently I stumbled across country music artist, Tyler Rich.  If I'm being totally honest, his picture is what first caught my attention and if you feel the need to see why for yourself look to the left and then I'll wait while you go here.... See what I mean?!? Anyway, because I'm not totally shallow, I immediately quit drooling and looked him up on iTunes and his music is currently on repeat in my car. I'm a fan of the whole album, but the song I cannot get enough of is Radio, followed closely by I Can Teach Ya.  His sound reminds me a little of Hunter Hayes mixed with a touch of Luke Bryan and a pinch of Cole Swindell.  I would also recommend Tyler Rich if you're a fan of Rascal Flatts, Billy Currington or Dierks Bentley. Give Tyler Rich a try and let me know what you think!

Go get his album here:

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