Texas Author Love

I live in Texas and I thought it would be neat to try and highlight authors who live in this great state and hopefully help you discover some new to you authors while I'm at it.  I started the list with a few authors I knew and then after a little research, found a few more! I tried to sort them into their different genres and make it easy for you to just click on their name to be directed to their website.  Hope you find someone new to follow and read!!

Contemporary Romance/Chick Lit (added additional genres to some)
Nicole Flockton
T.K. Rapp - YA
Kelly Elliott
Brooke Parker
Nicole Hart
R.S Grey
M.E Carter
Shauna Allen
Aven Ellis-
Rachel Harris
L.B Simmons
Ophelia London
Jessica Wayne- Fantasy/Suspense
Wren Michaels- Paranormal
C.A. Szarek- Fantasy/Suspense
Lark Brennan- Suspense/paranormal
Abigail Owen -Romance and Paranormal

Young Adult (romance, fantasy, paranormal)
Cheyenne Young
Miracle Austin
Jacqueline E. Smith
James William Peercy
Rose Garcia
Jill Cox
Sarah MacTavish

Are you a Texas author that's not on my list? Drop me a comment or an email, I'd love to add you to my list! I hope to soon highlight individual authors weekly on the blog so that you can get to know them too!


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