Forbidden by Karla Sorensen


by Karla Sorensen

The Short Version:

Title: Forbidden

Author: Karla Sorenson

Series: Yes, but can be read out of order.

Quick Description: Single Dad/Younger woman/Slow Burn

Insta-love: No

Steaminess Rating: A slow burn that explodes once it catches fire. Steamy scenes are tasteful and end behind closed doors.

Overall Rating: 5 stars

The Long Version:

This is the first book I have read by author Karla Sorensen and after reading Forbidden, I immediately downloaded the first book in this series, Focused.  I NEEDED to read about all that I missed with the other characters who captured my heart while reading this fantastic story. I admit, lately it seems most books that I have read tend to start off with the steamy parts very early in the story, sometimes before you even feel like the characters have connected. Almost like those scenes are thrown in to grab the audience but feel a little rushed. I really thought this book would be similar but boy was I wrong. While the characters seemed to be immediately drawn to each other, I would not say this was an "Insta-Love" connection. The author did a wonderful job of really drawing out the storyline and letting the reader understand why the characters have a connection but also why they are struggling to connect.  I absolutely loved the reasoning behind why Aiden was as so hesitant about the relationship with Isabel after marrying and losing his first love, his wife. I felt his pain and struggles and my heart ached for him while rejoicing that his love for his first wife wasn't diminished in anyway because he fell for someone new. Aiden's daughter, Anya, brought comedic relief to intense scenes while also displaying realistic struggles of losing a mom so young. Overall a great read and I have now found a new author that I can't wait to read more of her library.