The Baby and the Blueblood by Tru Taylor


Author Tru Taylor has been releasing a sweet and spicy romance series that is based on some of my favorite fairy tales.  Her newest release, The Baby and the Blueblood, is a modern retelling of Cinderella.  
    Cinda Brown is having a tough time keeping her cleaning business booming while raising a child that the father doesn't know exists.  Alexander Wessex is her long lost love from years ago that just happens to be the father, and unbeknownst to Cinda, a prince.  The story heats up with an accidental run in that surprises them both and is a reminder that they both still have feelings for one another.  Finding their way back to each other isn't easy, but Alexander is a determined man!  I found both characters likable and I was routing for them from the very beginning. The story moves quickly and is a great retelling, without being too predicable.  This romance has it all-- long lost love, handsome guy, beautiful girl, cute kid, and lots of romantic tension.  Every book in this series has left a smile on my face and my heart happy.  If you're looking for a quick read, with lots of heat this weekend, this is the book for you.  The next book in the series, The Baby-Whisperer and the Brute is out now!