Winter Cabin Christmas by Megan Squires


Winter Cabin Christmas is the perfect read to get you in the Holiday mood!  It is like reading a Hallmark Christmas movie, without the commercials.  Squire's writing is beautifully descriptive and contains the perfect amount of romance.  She has always been a favorite author of mine since she stole my heart when I read Draw Me In several years ago.  Her story writing talent is like a beautifully knitted blanket that envelopes you and makes you feel warm and content.  In Winter Cabin Christmas, Samantha is a talent agent whose specialty is finding everyone's hidden talent.  She instantly became someone I wish I could be friends with in real life.  Noah is the handsome friendly guy next door who never meets a stranger and is always willing to offer a helping hand.  The story takes place in a small out of the way family run resort that has fallen on hard times. Samantha is there to help her parents, that happen to look like Mr. and Mrs. Claus, land the role in a seasonal commercial.  Throw in a pregnant sister in law, outlaw brother, and an ex-husband and it's the perfect recipe for a little Christmas craziness. If you're someone who is counting the days until those feel good Holiday movies begin, grab Winter Cabin Christmas and let the Christmas season begin!