The Short Version:

Title: Untouchable

Author: Jennifer Hanks

Series: Yes

Quick Description: Boy meets girl, realizes he likes her and then avoids her at all cost.

Insta-love: Kinda-Sorta

Steaminess Rating: Slow burn, Steamy

Overall Rating: 5 stars 

The Long Version:

I want to be a Dimarco, or one of Jack Dimarco's people.  I fell in love with the Dimarco family and Jennifer Hank's writing after reading Lucy, the first book in the Dimarco series.   Afterwards, I promptly devoured all her books in less than a week.  Her books include the perfect amount of laughter, drama and most importantly, love.  In the Dimarco series, Jack is the patriarch of the family; the father of all.  In Untouchable, we are introduced to Jack's brother, Joe, who has his own brood of children.  The story centers around his daughter Bailey, but wonderfully weaves in the storylines of the other characters in this new series.  While the families are close, this family has a dynamic that is slightly different from Jack's family.  This family consists of 3 girls and one son and is impacted by the fierce protectiveness the men feel towards the girls.  I loved how the love between Chase and Bailey ties in and mirrors the relationship with Chase's parents.  While so similar, the few noticeable differences are what matter most in their love story and gives it staying power.  Bailey is such a strong female character.  She knows who she is and what she wants, despite her young age.  Even though there are times that she questions herself, she doesn't hesitate to grab hold of what she wants and chase after it.  Chase has demons from his past that are preventing him from pursuing Bailey.  I think the author did a wonderful job in conveying to the reader just how important a role those demons are to Chase and I could feel his indecision and why he's so hesitant to go after what he wants.  Along the way, we also get to enjoy a few of the characters from the original Dimarco series as they are key players in this story.   Overall, this is a book that I will love to read again.  I'm reminded of why I enjoy Jennifer Hanks' writing and how she masterly weaves together a story that captures my attention until the very end.  I'm impatiently waiting for her to write and release the next book in this series and read all about Cole's journey to love.