Where the Light Shines- Kathryn Andrews


“But then again, do we ever truly know someone when we’re constantly learning about ourselves?” -Where the Light Shines

Kathryn Andrews weaves a beautiful story of finding true happiness while making peace with the past. The author has a way of writing with so much detail, that you feel as though you have been transported to another place. In Where the Light Shines, you are transported to Chuluota Springs, Florida.  A small town with lots of charm, and apparently, ghosts.  To escape her life in Chicago, Ryla buys an old house that sits on the edge of a river to renovate.  Here she begins to meet the people that will help remind her of who she has always been and where she truly belongs.  Enter the Hawthorne brothers (swoon). I immediately loved these guys and can see each receiving their own stories in the future.  Oldest brother Jake is the small town vet who catches Ryla’s eye.  This isn’t an insta love story. The relationship between Ryla and Jake is well developed and drawn out. The love scenes are descriptive in a way that reminds me of the ebb and flow of the water on the beach of the river; a give and take. These scenes beautifully describe the connection between Jake and Ryla, while keeping the act sensual and not take away from the storyline.  Like the ghost in the story slowly revealing itself, the story unfolded in much the same way.   If you’re looking for a quick romantic read, this is not it. This story is meant to be savored and to be read at a pace where the reader can fully appreciate the way the story is woven together.  This book has romance, but the story is so much more. It’s about friendships, trusting yourself and a love that transcends time.