Meet Quinn and Janie

An Interview with Quinn and Janie from Neanderthal Seeks Human and the soon to be released, Neanderthal Marries Human

Hey everyone!!  Summer is here, school is out and I've decided to pay a special visit to two of my very favorite people, Quinn and Janie.  I just arrived at Quinn's office for the interview.  When I talked to Quinn's right hand woman, Betty, she promised Janie would be at the office too. **knocks on the open door and walks into Janie's office** 

Angie:  Hey guys, am I interrupting?  I'm so excited that I get to interview you today! **Shakes Quinn's hand** Quinn, what a nice office.  *blushes*I don't think I've ever been frisked before an interview before, but, Dan's kinda cute, so no harm done. Oh and by the way, I totally have a permit for that gun. I do get it back when I leave, right??  Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.   Prepare yourselves, because I have given these questions serious thought and you're going to have to dig deep for these answers.*smiles mischievously*  First and most important question, Quinn do you think you will ever learn how to knit?

Quinn: No. Next question.

Angie: **Mumbles to herself** Nico knits and it's kinda hot....Ahem. Okaaaay.  Janie, you and Quinn have been working together for several months, how do you like working with him?  

Janie:  It’s really good! I like it. He’s very to-the-point, which I prefer. When I’m at work I want to work. It makes me a little nuts when people want to stop by and chit-chat, because I always end up saying something inappropriate and then the conversation just… ends. And then they stop making eye contact with me.
For example, a woman at my previous workplace was telling me that she’d just purchased a Scarlet Macaw. They are lovely birds, but I question anyone who would have one as a pet. I told her about how parrot rescue groups estimate that most parrots are surrendered and rehomed at least five homes before reaching their permanent destinations or before dying prematurely from unintentional or intentional neglect and abuse. She became very upset. So I tried to calm her down by telling her I thought she’d make an excellent owner and asked her if she’d made arrangements in her will for the parrot after she died, because she was in fifty-nine and had just purchased the bird. So, obviously and if she were a responsible owner, the Scarlet Macaw was going to outlive her as they live up to seventy-five years in captivity.

She abruptly left and never talked to me again.

Angie: *blinks several times* Wow!  Janie, your vast knowledge of trivial facts always leaves me speechless.  **Turns to Quinn**  Quinn, since we're talking about it, what is the best/favorite trivia fact that you have learned from Janie?

Quinn:  Recently I learned that there is an annual feline beauty contest in Bucharest. The winner gets a crown. Over two hundred cats participate… *lifts his eyebrows*

Angie:  That's......interesting.  Apparently I need to spend some time on Google...In Neanderthal Seeks Human, Quinn and Janie "officially" meet at a club opening.  At this club were a few questionable people and when Elizabeth was called to the hospital, Quinn asked Janie to go home and not stay at the club alone.  She didn't listen.  Quinn, I've always wondered, what was your first thought when you found out Janie didn’t leave the club the night of the opening? 

Quinn:  I thought I was going to have to kill someone.  I’d asked the guys at the door to let me know if she came back. They did, but she was already upstairs.

Angie:  When you found Janie had been given a drug and wasn't herself, why take her back to your sister’s apartment and not yours?

Quinn:  I took her back to Shelly’s place because I never bring women to my home. At the time, Janie was a woman. Not much later, she became Janie, the woman. 

Angie:  So Quinn, when did you know that Janie was “the one”?

Quinn:  I don’t want to answer this question. Next question.

Janie:  You have to answer it. We promised we’d answer every question.

Quinn:  *Stares at Janie, jaw ticks* Fine. It was when we were at Grant Park and she asked me what kind of magical creatures I would want if I had magic sperm. Then she offered to be my personal sperm repository.

Janie:  Now tell her why. *Janie grins*

Quinn:  *Quinn, with no inflection in his voice, says* Because I’d never been so stunned, speechless, and turned on at the same time.

Janie:  I love that story!

Angie:  Me too!! **Stares dreamily at Quinn** Quinn, has anyone ever told you that you look like David Gandy?  No?  Huh. Well you do and Janie is a very lucky lady.  **Continues to stare dreamily** Oh, sorry, I got a little distracted. **looks at notes**  Where was I?  Quinn, has anyone ever told you that you look like...Sorry! Sorry! I keep getting distracted.  Janie, how do you not lose your train of thought when Quinn looks at you?? *shakes head slightly* Ok, I think I'm good.  I know y'all are planning your wedding.  Janie, what do you think is the perfect wedding gift for Quinn?

Janie:  Me naked.  Sorry. That might be vulgar, but it’s all he seems to want.

Quinn:  That’s true *He smiles*

Angie:  Quinn, what is the perfect wedding gift for Janie?

Quinn:  A trip to any library

Janie:  *laughs* That’s so true!

Angie:  I love how well you know one another!  Now, this is the speed round.  I'm going to ask you a question and you both are going to give me the first answer that comes to mind.  
What are your biggest fears?

Quinn:  Being corrupted by power.
Janie:  Coming to like and/or rely on my cell phone.

Angie:  Boxers or Briefs? Commando or undies?
Quinn: Boxers
Janie:  Panties! Sexy lace panties!! All the time.
Quinn: Liar.

Angie:  Beer ,Wine or Whiskey?
Quinn:  Texas whiskey
Janie:  Wine. But my favorite is lemon drop shots.
Angie:  I've never had a lemon drop, but Quinn, *winks* I can totally hook you up with some Texas Whiskey. Back to the speed round.  Night or Morning person?
Quinn:  Both
Janie:  Neither.  I like to sleep.

Angie:  Batman or Superman? Cat woman or Wonder Woman?
Quinn:  Batman
Janie:  Wonder Woman

Angie:  Islands or Mountains? Beach or Snow?
Quinn:  Mountains, Snow
Janie:   All of the above. I can’t choose. I love it all.

Angie:  Last question for the speed round.  Paperback or e-book?
Quinn:  E-book
Janie:  Paperback

Angie:  That was great!!  Okay, one final question because inquiring minds *mumbles* especially mine, *louder*  want to know. Quinn, how do you feel about girls who carry guns? 
Quinn:  I am for guns as long as they don’t belong to idiots.
Angie:  How about Texas girls who carry guns? Specifically blonde petite Texas girls who carry guns? ;)
Quinn:  I am especially for any Texan not named Sandra owning a gun.
Angie:  **smiling** Good answer!  I knew you were my favorite!  Janie, I want to thank you and Quinn for allowing me to bother you at work.  I sincerely love the both of you and can't wait for everyone to read about your wedding in Neanderthal Marries Human!

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  1. Ha!! I love your interview style. Also loved that you became flustered when Quinn stared at you... I know the feeling O.o
    <3 Penny

  2. Aww, I love Quinn and Janie! Great interview :)

  3. Superb!! They are truly one of my favorite couples!

  4. Wait a minute...
    My name is sandra and I'm from Texas.....

  5. Please, please, please tell me that Nicco and Elizabeth will be next!!

  6. That was so awesome. I <3 Quinn and Janie!

  7. Girls this is an awesome interview! And Angie I'm totally with you. How could a woman keep the wires straight syaring at Quinn??? *SIGH*
    I need to re watch JLo last video again...

  8. AhhhhMazing interview!! And I'm with Eyelashy!- Nicco and Elizabeth next?

  9. I bought the first one! Thanks Angie and Penny!!

  10. Quinn will be always be favorite of all Penny's heroes! He was one of the biggest reason I fell in love with Penny's smart romances and continued reading them on. Quinn will always hold #1 spot.

  11. Quinn will be always be favorite of all Penny's heroes! He was one of the biggest reason I fell in love with Penny's smart romances and continued reading them on. Quinn will always hold #1 spot.


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