An Interview with those handsome and bearded Winston Brothers

Have you read Penny Reid's Beauty and the Mustache? What are you waiting for??  Hot bearded men, HELLO!  I will admit that while Drew went to second on my list of book boyfriends, right behind Quinn Sullivan, I just love those Winston Boys.  There are six of them!! Count them, SIX! That is a lot of testosterone and, lucky for us, it also means a lack of razors.  I had the privilege to get these six handsome men to myself for an hour for a fun interview!  Check it out!

Angie:  Hey guys!  I'm so glad y'all took the time out of your busy schedules to meet with me.  To start off, please introduce yourselves and give one word that describes you.
Jethro:  Hi, I’m Jethro, the oldest. And I guess if I had to use one word to describe myself it would be ‘lucky’.
Billy:  I’m Billy. One word: busy.
Cletus:  I’m Cletus, the third brother. The one word I would use to describe myself is ‘correct’.
Duane:  I’m the other twin, Duane. I guess people might describe me as reserved. 
Beau:  My name is Beau—I’m one of the twins—people usually say that I’m friendly. *smiles*
Roscoe:  Hey! I’m Roscoe, the youngest and best looking. If I had to use one word to describe myself it would be ‘insatiable’. *winks*
**Angie giggles and smiles**
Angie:  So, when did the beards begin?
Jethro:  Billy started it. His beard came in overnight when he was sixteen, I reckon. And he just never shaved it. I wasn’t around much to teach him how to shave, and our daddy wasn’t around. So…
Billy: It was no big deal. I could have figured it out if I wanted.
Cletus:  It’s very inefficient to shave.
Angie:  I agree, no shaving for any of you. Ever.  So, who has the longest beard? The shortest?
Billy:  I guess I have the longest. Either me or Cletus.
Cletus:  It’s a tie.
Beau:  That’s because Billy is always forgetting to trim his. Cletus is just stubborn.
Roscoe:  I have the shortest beard. I like to keep things tidy.
Jethro:  Roscoe keeps his short because he’s the ladies man. *grins*

Angie:  Do you think your beards help you attract women?
Jethro:  *laughs* Roscoe would say yes. *shrugs* I honestly haven’t thought about it. *looks at Billy*
Billy:  *shrugs* I don’t have time for women, not like you mean.
Cletus:   Yes. Definitely. It’s the source of my man-strength.
Roscoe:  *pushes Cletus* You’re stupid. 
Angie:  Speaking for all women, the beards are definitely, um, sexy. *smiles, blushes, and looks away*
Soooo, *clears throat* Would you shave your beard off for a woman?
Billy: *looking offended and perplexed**glances at his brothers*No. 
Jethro:  *nods/agrees with Billy*
Cletus:  *nods/agrees with Billy*
Beau:  *nods/agrees with Billy*
Roscoe:  *nods/agrees with Billy*
Duane:  Wouldn’t be much of a woman if she couldn’t handle my beard. 

Angie:  How do you feel about women with beards?? 
**crickets**Looks of horror**
Roscoe:  I’ll try anything once.
Angie: *mutters to herself** I just bet you will....

Angie:  What is one thing each of you missed most about Ashley when she left for college?
Jethro:  Her expectations, I think. She always thought I could do better, be better. She made me believe it and want it too.
Billy:  I missed having someone I could consistently count on to make good decisions. She was my back up, my wing-woman. 
Cletus:  She always smelled good. She made everything smell good. 
Beau:  She used to make our lunches—Duane, me, and Roscoe—when we were growing up. After she left, we had to make our own or convince girls to give us part of theirs.
Angie:  Food??? That's what you missed most??
Duane:  Definitely the food. 
Roscoe:  I missed giving her flowers and seeing how happy they made her. I liked cheering her up.

Angie:  Would you have picked Drew for Ashley?
Jethro:  Oh hell yes.
Billy:  As long as he doesn’t do anything that makes me have to hurt him, yes.
Cletus:  Yep. I wish they’d have kids already. Those are going to be some cute kids.
Beau:  If she’s happy, I’m happy…
Duane:  … and if she’s happy, then Drew gets to keep all his teeth.
Roscoe:  Yes! They’re really perfect for each other, meant to be and all that shit. I’m 100% sure.

Angie:  In High School, who got the most girls? Skipped school? Played sports? Who was nerdy?
Jethro:  I always skipped. Everyone in town knew our father, so they always expected us to be dumb. Billy got the most girls.
Billy:  I played football. I also got the most girls.
Cletus:  I skipped frequently. I found the curriculum insufficient.
Beau:  It’s true. Billy got the most girls.  Duane and I didn’t skip. We just make the teachers’ lives really difficult.
Duane:  Beau and I were nerds and liked to take things apart to see if we could put them back together.
And Billy is right. He always got the girls.
Roscoe:  I was a straight A-student. I also played football, was the senior class president, and the homecoming king.  Billy did get the most girls, but I got the best girls.
Angie:  And apparently you got an A in self esteem....**looks Roscoe up and down** but I don't doubt any of it *winks*
Angie:  Speaking of girls, what qualities do you look for in a woman?
Jethro:  Kind, beautiful, smart. Hopefully someone with some talent—in music maybe… Funny, someone who’ll not take offense to my jokes.
Billy:  *glances at Jethro* Good luck finding all that in one person.
Angie:  Look in Texas. Texas girls are the best, just sayin'. Carry on.
Cletus:  A big, open mind. She’ll need it.
**Angie nods and agrees a little too enthusiastically**
Beau:  A big smile and a nice ass.
Duane:  I think we all have soulmates. Honestly, I do. My girl is smart. She’s smart, and clever—though they’re similar, they’re not exactly the same thing. She takes the time to get to know a person, digs deep. And, of course, she’s got a great rack.
Beau:  That’s deep, Duane.
Duane:  Thanks, Beau. *they fist bump* 
Roscoe:  I honestly I have no idea. Just as long as the girl has brains, is nice to me, and is nice to look at, I think I’ll be happy.  And I note that Billy did not answer the question. *glares at Billy*
Billy:  *sighs* I don’t know, a real woman I guess. Someone who has her own mind, someone who has ambition, drive. I’m not interested in carrying dead weight.
Jethro:  That’s so romantic, Billy. No wonder you get all the girls.
Cletus:  He gets all the girls ‘cause he doesn’t want them. If you don’t want something, people try to give it to you for free. That’s how life works
Beau:  That’s deep, Cletus.
Cletus:  Thanks, Beau. *they fist bump*

Angie:  Where do you each see yourself in 10 years?
Jethro:  Working in the park, hopefully with a truckload of kids and a well satisfied wife.
Billy:  Running my own mill.
Cletus:  I think I’d like to open a Dulcimer and board game store.
Angie:  *stares questionly at Cletus* *slightly shakes head* Cletus, you're just full of surprises....*stares a little longer** Okaaay....Beau?
Beau:  Hopefully still fixing up classic cars, getting my hand dirty as often as I can.
Duane:  I haven’t really thought about it.
Roscoe:  Working with Billy, maybe partners. He’s smart, but he isn’t very nice. He needs someone nice to partner with if he’s going to succeed. 

Angie:  After meeting Ashley's friends, who is your favorite (man or woman)? Who scares you the most?
Jethro:  Janie, the redhead, is… she’s fascinating. But her husband is pretty intimidating. He’s a big guy, doesn’t smile much, and I’m pretty sure he was carrying more than 2 guns during the funeral.
Angie: Nothing wrong with being armed and safe....just sayin'.
Billy:  Sandra- liked her the best, scares me the most.
Cletus:  Alex is a good fellow. He’s good at chess, which is a nice change. Fiona—the short, little one—she was frightening. Her reflexes are impressive.
Beau:  Kat was hot. I liked her a lot. None of them scared me.
Duane:  She (Kat) was hot, but I thought Marie was hotter. But she was also somewhat intimidating. I think her shoes cost more than my car.
Roscoe:  Sandra- scares me the most.  Elizabeth- liked her the best.

Angie:  Last, and most important question, beer or whiskey?
Jethro:  I think I speak for everyone when I say: Whiskey

Angie:  You are all in luck, I have Texas made whiskey for everyone!  Thanks again for taking the time to answer a few questions.  I think y'all have a great things going with those beards and are starting a trend. Have y'all noticed the Texans quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick?? He could be a long lost brother....


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