It's all about The Rachel.....

I have reviewed and fangirled over all of Aven Ellis' books on the blog and I'm doing it again.  Her newest release, Surviving The Rachel, is the perfect romance to curl up to on a lazy day.

Life after college graduation is not at all what twenty-one-year-old Bree Logan expected. Unable to find a professional communications job, dumped by the guy who was THE ONE, and stuck with a pricey city apartment she can’t afford, Bree ends up moving back home with her parents in the suburbs and working as a cocktail waitress at a posh Chicago hotel.

In a desperate attempt to get a fresh start, Bree goes to a hip salon and requests that the first available stylist chop off her long dark hair. Alarmed when the stylist suggests “The Rachel,” after the famous haircut from the show Friends, Bree is hesitant, but decides to go for it when she is assured it will be a “fresh, modern adaptation” of the infamous 90’s cut. Unfortunately for Bree, it turns out to be exactly the same cut, but with horrific heavy bangs added to it. Hideous doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Bree is convinced nothing will ever go right when she meets neighbor Jack Chelten, a twenty-five-year-old German translator. Not that Bree is looking to date anyone, but there's something quirky and intriguing about his freckle-splashed face and blue eyes. And suddenly Bree finds herself seeking out different opportunities and challenges . . . as well as the boy next door.

In her new adult life, Bree learns that sometimes you have to go through crises to get to where you need to be. And if you can survive The Rachel, you can survive anything, right?

Surviving The Rachel is proof that Aven Ellis knows romance.  ROMANCE! Sorry for yelling but I think readers have forgotten that romance isn't the sexy times, romance is all that butterfly inducing stuff that happens leading up to the sexy times.  In Surviving the Rachel we meet Jack and Bree, who meet in unusual circumstances, quickly become friends, and after many references to their favorite episodes of Friends, finally fall in love.  Aven does such a thorough job of introducing her characters, allowing the reader to fall in love with each character individually before falling in love with the couple.  I love that the characters are both going through that tough time between college and finding your place in the world.  They are real people going through real problems, which makes them easy to relate to and their story believable.  I know when I read one of Aven's stories I will get romance, a little angst, great dialogue and a happily ever after.  Steamy-ness is light, but the spark is there!

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