Nothing's Better than a Perfect Little Plan

Once again, author Jennifer Miller reminds me of why I love her and her writing so much.  Love ya Jennifer!!  I thought after reading her first two books, Pretty Little Lies and Pretty Little Dreams, that Luke and Olivia's story would always be my favorite and it would be hard for Jennifer to write another book in this series that I could love just as much.  Jennifer just blew that idea out of the water!  Now, don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love Luke and Olivia and count them as one of my all time favorite book couples, but Pyper and Rixton have now been added to that list.  (Rixton may or may not be towards the top of my book boyfriend list, but more on him later!)
If you've read Jennifer's other books you know that she's good at writing heart-pounding drama to her stories.   As I read Perfect Little Plan, my emotions were like a roller coaster and as soon as I felt my blood pressure even out with happiness, the story would ramp up and I would find myself reading with butterflies in my tummy, uncertain of what was going to happen next.  I found myself so wrapped up into the lives of these characters and story that I just might have spent most of the first day of 2015 hiding from my family so that I could finish Rixton and Pyper's story.  I loved being back in Luke, Olivia, and Pyper's world and felt like I was visiting old friends with the added pleasure of meeting new characters.  I would recommend reading Jennifer's books in order, but Jennifer does such a great job of only hinting at past events, so that if you haven't read the other two, this story won't spoil that for you, or make you feel as though you're missing a large part of this story by not reading the other two ahead of time.  Just another reason why her writing is so fabulous and I love her.
As I was writing my review I found myself daydreaming about my new book boyfriend Rixton so I thought I would change it up a little and instead of going on and on about what I love about this book, (because I absolutely loved it), I would give you a list of why I love Rixton and why you will love him too!

Top 10 Reasons why I love Rixton:
10. He's Texan.
9. He says "Darlin'" with an adorable southern accent.
8. He's Texan.
7. When he wants something, or someone, he's determined and relentlessly pursues it....or her ;)
6. He's charming, sexy and impossibly arrogant.
5. He's honest and expects honesty.
4. He's friends with Luke, Olivia & Pyper (extra cool points)
3. He's a bartender....visions of Cocktail are on constant replay in my head.
2. He's true to himself and doesn't change for anyone.
1. Did I mention he's from Texas? Because he is and that makes him even hotter!

Just to entice you some more to read the book, check out the blurb!

Some girls like to throw caution into the wind, let fate take them where she wants them to be. But not Pyper Lexington. She’s all about the plan. Graduate college and own a successful business have been marked off the list. All that's left of her perfect little plan is marrying a man equal to her father in success and wealth. And of course, adding to that the 2.5 children and picket fence, every girl wants that—right?

But fate has other ideas and like the old saying goes, ‘the best-laid plans often go awry.’ In walks Rixton Andrews, a cocky bartender with a sexy, southern drawl. He makes his intentions clear after a night they both can’t forget. He wants Pyper – and he’s determined to make her want him too.

But can a man of Rixton’s status convince a princess like Pyper that he’s the man she’s been waiting for and that love can’t be planned? Will the secret Rixton’s keeping tear them apart? Or will Pyper’s need to please others make her deny what her heart really wants.

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