Running on Empty by Colette Ballard

An interview with Justice and River from Running On Empty

What does it feel like when you die—in those final moments? Do you feel the physical pain, or just the pain of your regrets? What does it feel like when you realize you can’t answer these questions because you’re not the victim?

You’re the killer.

River Daniels lives an ordinary life as a high school junior growing up in the confines of rural Texas until her boyfriend’s brutal attack leaves her both a murderer and a fugitive. When River’s closest girlfriends come to her aid, they make a hasty decision to not only help her, but leave their own troubled lives behind and join in her escape.

The girls manage to elude police for months, but with every near-miss, River’s life spirals further out of control, until she finally hits rock bottom. Realizing she must stop endangering her friends and find evidence proving she acted in self-defense, the girls decide to make a risky move. River must face her ugly past and the one person she was protecting the night her world caved in, the guy she has loved for as long as she can remember.

My Interview!
Hey everybody!! I thought since Justice, River and I all live in Texas, I would surprise them for an impromptu interview.  My spies, I mean my sources, tell me Justice is in his barn feeding horses and that River will be there soon. 
**knocks on barn door** and then I immediately go in.  Maybe I can catch him with his shirt off?
Justice sticks head out of horse stall, sees me and smiles, and what a smile that is.  Darn! Shirt is on, guess I’ll just have to try again next time.

Angie:  Hey Justice! It's me again.  Sorry about the whole stalker mix up last week. I promise I was just out, ummm, bird watching.  Yes, that's what I was doing.  I would never just randomly follow you around town and take pictures.  Nope, not me.  Sooooo, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions, because inquiring minds need to know stuff.

Justice:  No problem Angie.  Sorry about the whole calling the police thing too.  I had no idea we had such rare birds in Texas. 

Angie:  *mumbles*  You have no idea... *Big Smile* Ok, first question.  I know that you and River have been friends for a long time.  What is your favorite thing about River?

Justice:  * uneven dimple grin* I love that she’s tough, yet kind in all the ways that count.

Angie:  *stares* You just have the cutest dimple…. Oh! Sorry, my mind drifted a little.*hee hee* So Justice, do you think there will ever come a time that the two of you will be separated from each other, such as college?  Do you see this affecting your friendship?

Justice:  Nothing will ever come between us.  I’d never let that happen. 

Angie: I think that’s awesome that you value y’all’s friendship that much.  I know that you’re about to head off to college, what is your dream job?

Justice:  I want to be a lawyer.

Angie: A lawyer? I can so see you in a courtroom, kinda like Matthew McConaughey in A Time to Kill.  Did I ever tell you about the time that Matthew and I….? I can tell by the look on your face that maybe we need to stick to the questions. *Ahem* Where was I? Oh! So I hear through the grapevine that you have a girlfriend. So I must ask, do you believe in love at first sight and do you think everyone has a soul mate?

Justice:  Yes to both.

Angie: You’re such a romantic! What are some of the characteristics that you look for in that special someone?

Justice:  Someone who’s easy to talk to, have fun with, to laugh with—like a friend.

Angie: So kinda like River? You might want to think about that....  Is it hard for you to express your feelings to those you love?

Justice:  No.

Angie:  Confession time! Who was your first crush?

Justice:  River. But don’t tell her.

Angie: *Big Smile* Your secret is safe with me *winks* Ok, this is a speed round. I am going to give you a word and you answer back with the first word that comes to mind.

River: best friend
Home: Dahlia, Texas
Billi Jo: off the hinges
Kat: fierce
Love: horses
Hate: dishonesty
Food: steak

Angie:  Thanks so much Justice for letting me interrupt your day.  Good luck with graduation and college.
**as I exit the barn, I literally run into River***
Angie:  River! I was just coming to look for you.  Do you have time for a few questions?  I promise I’ll be fast. Just a small girl to girl chat. 

River: Sure….

Angie:  Justice and I were just talking and he had such nice things to say about you.  I love the close friendship that you share with him.  You have had each other to lean on for so much of your lives.  Do you think there will ever be a time that the two of you will be separated from each other?

River:  By distance maybe, but Justice will always be in my heart.

Angie:  That’s so sweet.  What is your favorite thing about Justice? 

River:  Justice is trustworthy; I’d trust him with my life.

Angie:  So I hear you’re dating, Logan.*gives River a seriously-your-dating-that-creep look* What are some characteristics that you look for in a boyfriend?

River:  Someone who’s honest, considerate, kind. Someone who can make me laugh.

Angie:  And you’re dating LOGAN?!? Sorry. Sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Now that you’re in a relationship, when you think about Logan or the closeness you have with your friends, is it hard for you to express your feelings to those you love?

River: Yes.

Angie: Just between us girls *looks around for Justice*, who was your first crush?

River:  Justice.

Angie:  Ok, this is a speed round. I am going to give you a word and you answer back with the first word that comes to mind.

Justice: best friend
Home: My sister and friends
Billi Jo: fun!
Kat: badass
Love: horses
Hate: snakes
Food: extra cheesy pizza

Angie:  River, thank you for letting me ask you some questions today!  I know you’re in a hurry to check on your horse, Ranger *Justice comes out of barn* Oh hey, while I have both of you here I have one more question.  What is something you know about the other, that they don’t know you know?

River: That his last girlfriend cheated on him. He never mentioned it because he didn’t want to give me the chance to say “I told you so.” *shrugs* I told him.

Justice: I know she twists her finger around the hair at the base of her neck when she’s lying.

Angie: Perfect! Thanks again for letting me interrupt your day.  Good luck with the rest of your school year!

For those of you who want to know more about Justice and River, go to Amazon and purchase Running On Empty.  Their story is one you don’t want to miss!
To purchase on Amazon: Running On Empty by Colette Ballard

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Colette grew up on a dairy farm in rural Kentucky. She survived the high school experience back in the day when Aqua Net was bought in bulk and mullets were cool. That’s also when she realized that her constant daydreaming wasn’t a curse, but a useful skill—one she used like a lethal weapon to combat her frustration over the haunting question: What does the alphabet have to do with math anyway? Unfortunately, her ninja daydreaming skills only increased her desire to write—not her algebra grade.

After surviving the hairstyles and torturous math classes of her high school years, she wandered a bit—even moving to the farthest northwestern corner of the United States, then to the farthest southeastern corner. She finally settled in the one red-light town she started in, where she continues to live today with her husband and three children.


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