For the Win

I have read many books by author Amber Garza.  She always writes age appropriate YA/NA's that are great, clean reads.  Her story lines are realistic and emotional, yet not too heavy.  Check out the blurb on her newest release, For the Win.

23506947London Miller has one best friend.


She lives in the pages of the books she reads, preferring the safety of fictional worlds over the dark and scary reality of her own life. Books aren't her escape...they're her salvation. 

Cooper Montgomery has one true love. 

When he's on the mound, throwing a pitch, the darkness of his world fades away. The game is something he can control, something he can count on. 

A twist of fate brings London and Cooper together, a curve ball that forces them both outside of their comfort zones. As they spend time together, a relationship begins to blossom and both of them start to believe that there just might be something bright and beautiful in their lives.

However, the game changes when your heart is on the line. You have to play with everything you have for the win.

For the Win is a YA.  The characters, Cooper and London are two very different people, experiencing high school in very different ways.  Cooper is your typical "Jock".  He is super focused on his baseball because he knows that he has what it takes to make it to the pros.  Yet, Cooper is still that typical boy who is easily taken by a pretty girl and a serious relationship is no where on his radar. London is the shy bookworm who just wants to blend into the background, survive high school, and escape to college.  After interviewing Cooper for the school newspaper, London's life is changed.  I really loved the dynamics of these two characters when they are pulled together by fate and realize that there is no fighting it, they are meant to be together.  The author does a great job of introducing these characters, their struggles, and their fears/insecurities.  I easily read this book in one day because once I started, I had to finish.  The story moves along quickly and there is not a lot of useless drama. My only complaint would be that I felt, after I read the story, that I would have liked to have seen these two characters older.  I know the reality of what they experienced is applicable to high school, but I felt that the maturity they exhibited was more conducive to college age.  I really wanted the epilogue to include them at an older age.  I wanted to know if these two made it past college but   that's just me being curious because I become so invested in these characters and wanted to see them happy.  Steamy-ness is light, but very realistic and will still give you plenty of butterflies.

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