Wishing for some Starless Nights!

Kathryn Andrews writes the kind of books that I read and then immediately reread because there is so much of the story that I was afraid I missed and so much that I just want to experience again.  Starless Nights left me with so many moments that I want, no I need, to experience just one more time.  Check out the blurb!

Beau Hale
She said that she was my best friend and then one day she wasn’t. Every day I live with the visible scars, but it’s the invisible ones that hurt the most. They are a constant reminder of everything I’ve lost as well as all the things that I’ll never have. I should be over this by now, it’s been years, but I can’t escape the memories that haunt me.  Everyone around me is moving on with their life, so now I need to do the same. Tennis brought me to Columbia University, and I am quickly proving that I will not let anyone defeat me, past or present. I am in control now. Life has taught me the hard way to remember that. But after all this time, I’m still searching for an answer to the one question that is constantly burning in the back of my mind…why?

Leila Starling

He said that he was my best friend, and then one day he wasn’t. It took one moment to change my entire life. What I thought I knew became a lie and nothing was ever the same. Slowly, I picked up the pieces and focused on what I could control…me. I live in New York City and attend one of the world’s most prestigious fashion and design schools. Day after day, I am getting closer and closer to making my dreams come true. I did this all on my own and no one can ever take it from me. I know my future is bright, even if my heart is destined to stay in the dark. The dull ache that still lingers is my daily reminder to rely on no one but myself. Although, after all this time, I still can’t help but wonder…why?

When I read Kathryn's first book in this series, Drops of Rain, I was blown away.  The depth of the characters, the drama, the love story, all of it just enveloped me into the story and I was blown away. I knew I would like Beau's story in Starless Nights, but I admit I didn't know if it could match up to Drops of Rain.  Wow did Kathryn prove me wrong.  Beau's story is so much deeper, more emotional, and full of surprises.  In Drops of Rain Beau is portrayed as more of a ladies man who has little feeling for those that are not in his inner circle.  In Starless Nights we learn that appearances can be deceiving and that under all that cool confidence is a man that gave his heart to one girl and is trying to cope with that loss.  When I started the book I already had this nervous energy because I knew that this story was going to be full of a lot of hurt and pain.  Kathryn's writing is so descriptive that I felt the emotions of these characters and at times, wanted the story to hurry along so that they could find the happiness they so desperately deserved.  The love story of Beau and Laila is beautifully scared, but so very perfect.  Kathryn, I am anxiously awaiting Matt's story, I have begun to buy tissues in bulk!  Steamyness is moderate, with 1-2 scenes that are beautifully written and very appropriate to this story.

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