The Sidelined Wife

Recently I came across author Jennifer Peel and her book, The Sidelined Wife.  It was free on Kindle Unlimited and had great reviews so it was an immediate download.  I had no idea that this book would give me all the feels.  In the Sidelined Wife, Samantha Higgins Decker, who is recently divorced, late one night divulges her mixed feelings of being divorced on her family blog.  The blog is an instant hit among other women and through her posts, she learns more about herself and the person she wants to become.  In the process you encounter a funny and truthful to a fault family, a teenage son who is also dealing with the divorce, and a sexy football coach from her past that wants to cheer her on and join her on the sidelines.  Jennifer Peel has the ability to bring the heat to a couple without explicit scenes.  You feel their attraction for each other from page one and it only builds throughout the story.  Check out The Sidelined Wife, you'll thank me for it.

My quick review:

Title: The Sidelined Wife
Author: Jennifer Peel
Rating: 5 Stars
Steamy-ness Factor: Great chemistry, everything happens behind closed doors
HEA: yes
Humor: definitely
Recommendation: YES!

Impatiently awaiting the soon to be released sequel, The Secretive Wife, which is being released TODAY!!!!

Other books by this author that I loved: His Personal Relationship Manager, Statistically Improbable, Narcissistic Tendencies, Trouble in Loveland