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Home is Where You Are

I started Home is Where You Are and found myself reading it any chance I could get.  I had my Kindle, and for those moments when I tried to sneak in a little covert reading, I kept my Kindle app on my phone handy. I NEEDED to read this, and I am so glad that I did! I loved it!

Anna’s life reads like a check list.
Straight A’s (Check) Editor of the school paper (Check) Volunteering time at the local soup kitchen (Check) Ivy League (So close she can taste it) Falling in love with a homeless boy (Not on the list)
Dean has a plan too. Survive. After being subjected to his foster father’s violent attacks, Dean made the hard choice to leave. Now he lives on the streets doing everything he can to get by, refusing to let people help him. But when he meets Anna, he realizes not everyone is out to hurt him.

Slowly, Anna and Dean let each other in, blending their two worlds into one. But when a series of events brings Dean’s world into perspective, he pushes Anna away. Not willing to accept t…

As You Turn Away

There are not many books that I have read that have stuck with me long after the last page.  Sure, I remember books, have several favorites, and have those that I love to reread, but a book that sticks to your emotions and buries itself so deep? Those books are hard to come by.  As You Turn Away is one of those books.  
Two hearts, one life-changing summer, and a long-awaited second chance...
When Quinnlan Reynolds left home at 18, she escaped her small, Georgia town and her suffocating upbringing. She started a new life as a ballerina, and tasted freedom for the first time. But four years later, her first visit home turns tragic. Reeling, Quinn tries to piece her life back together again. But doing so is easier said than done when sexy Jonah Walker saunters back into her life.
Quinn shattered Jonah’s heart once, so getting involved with her isn’t something he’s sure he’s ready to do again. He became someone he didn’t recognize when he left home. He’s spent the last years burying his p…

Heidi Hutchinson's Double Blind Series has new covers!

I am a huge fan of this series and have been for a long time.  Heidi's covers were gorgeous, unique and I loved them.  Well, she's gone and changed them and I think you will like these too!  Check out the Double Blind Series:

Introducing the newest book, Deepest Blues that will release in October!!!

Mike Osborn woke up in a hospital in Germany three years ago.  He was still breathing.  They had saved him.  
Double Blind Study has been through every rock and roll clichĂ© ever contrived.  When their drummer nearly dies from a drug overdose, everything changes.  Life becomes important again.  Living becomes important again.
No one knows that better than Mike.  So why does he feel like even though he's breathing and he's happy, his heart isn't beating the way it should be?  Maybe it never did.
When Mike meets Clarke Matthews for the first time, he knows he should stay away.  He knows too much about her and what she's been through.  He knows that he's not the one…

Cover Reveal: The Prophecies by Holly Martin

The Prophecies, Book 2 of The Sentinel Series by Holly Martin, will be published on October 1st! Check out this awesome cover!

The world is a big place, will Eve really be the one to save it? Eve grows stronger and more powerful every day as she strives to ensure she is ready to face her destiny. But some of her gifts are unwelcome.  Eve's visions of the future become darker and those she loves are in terrible danger. But when her actions result in tragedy, Eve is called before The Oraculum, the council that created her When she is summoned to their castle she becomes aware of a rift between the council members that not only could endanger her life, but could put the whole planet at risk. Would The Oraculum really turn against her and risk everything? But in the darkness, a light burns bright. Her love for Seth is stronger than any of her powers. But as she battles against a new threat, can she really forsake those closest to her in order to save the world?  Will everyone Eve loves surv…

Sexy in the City

What a great new box set by Crimson Romance!! I have read Masquerade by Nicole Flockton and it was fantastic! Can't wait to check out these other books for only .99!!

Sexy in the City
 9 Glamorous, Globe-trotting Contemporary Romances only $0.99 for a limited time.

New York to Paris, London to Los Angeles, these cosmopolitan tales of romance will challenge and inspire your most worldly fantasies: \

Singapore Fling by Alexia Adams: A CEO-in-training is tempted by her a handsome hotshot marketing director as they tour the company’s Asian offices. But will eight countries in three weeks lead to whirlwind romance or lasting love?

A Place to Rest My Heart by Galen Rose: This poignant story of family, romance, and discovering where you truly belong will enchant everyone who’s ever left their heart in San Francisco.

Kirby by Samantha Molina: The competitive nature of New York’s publishing scene forces Rachel Sirianna to adopt an alter ego—but can she keep her hot boyfriend from discovering t…

What Happens in Book Club Stays in Book Club!

Today's post is written by my online buddy Shannon.  Shannon has the most awesome book club meetings and even though we don't live in the same state one day I will crash her party!  Forget wedding crasher, I want to be a literary crasher!  I asked Shannon to write a little about herself, her book club, and the books they've read. Check out the pictures from these parties they are so fantastic!!  Hope you enjoy!!  If you enjoy Shannon's post let her know in the comment section! Maybe we can persuade her to do another one!

Book clubs are enjoying a renaissance. They are so “in” right now.  Book clubs are the new Black. My book club, however, is not your grandma’s book club.
Reading for me has always been better (and way cheaper) than seeking professional help. I have always dreamed of being in a book club overflowing with food, friends, fun and lovely fiction.  I did not, however, want an Oprah-style book club. What Happens at Book Club, Stays at Book Club is not about ser…

Are you a Fashionista?

Are you a fashionista?  I'm not, but I wish I was.  How great would it be to know what to wear when/where/how? As with all of Aven Ellis' books, Avery in Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista knows fashion.  Avery is an expert on clothes, which products are the best, and how to look your best in the worse of circumstances.  While she's great at everything fashion, she hasn't had the best luck when it comes to picking out the right men.  Check out the blurb:

If Premier Airlines knew about her fear of flying, they never would have hired her to be their marketing assistant—but it’s not like Avery wants a lifelong career. Right now she simply wants a job to pay her bills…and fund a few little shopping excursions, too.
Her new lifestyle comes with a price tag, as Avery is not only faced with paying a ridiculous rent but finds she’s perceived as one of the vacant, husband-hunting fashionistas who live in the area. Avery resents this stereotype—so she doesn’t want a lifelon…

A book that quotes Ramona Quimby? Yes please!

"You can't help who you fall in love with but you can help who you spend all your time with"
Is that not a great quote?  I think this quote, from Leaving Liberty, is a perfect description of this love story. When I began Leaving Liberty I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from this unknown author.  What I discovered is a fantastic Christian romance that weaves together forgiveness, making the choice to be happy, and taking a chance on love.  I am a Christian but I don't really read a lot of Christian romance.  I feel that in this genre, it is a fine line between telling a beautiful story that includes faith and high morals and telling a story that is perceived as preachy and uneventful. You will find this story is not in the least bit preachy, but infuses the characters faith in a flawless way.  In Leaving Liberty the characters are people of faith and are real people with real problems. Lane is a small town cop who is confident in his faith, but not as confide…

Playing For Passion Anthology Release!

Playing for Passion by Allie K Adams, Bianca Sommerland, Carly Phillips, Catherine Gayle, Chelle Bliss, Dakota Madison, Jami Davenport, Mindy Klasky,Pamela Aares, Roz Lee, Toni Aleo, V.K. Sykes Publication Date: September 15, 2014 Genres:Anthology, Contemporary, Romance, Sports
Love is the name of the game in this limited-edition boxed set of sizzling sports romances. Twelve New York Times bestselling, USA Today bestselling, and award-winning authors put you right in the action with scintillating stories of hot athletes and the women who prove love is the ultimate game-changer.

Dare to Love by Carly Phillips: Riley Taylor believes herself immune to domineering men— until charismatic team owner Ian Dare turns a kiss into an assault on her senses and she learns she likes his brand of control in the bedroom. They complete each other, but Riley's past is closer than she cares to remember—and her struggles against Ian’s dominance might cost her everything. 

Breaking Away …

Shiver Anthology Cover Release!

SHIVER: 12 Sexy Tales of Humor & Horror Release Date: Monday, October 13, 2014 Anthology blurb: 100% of all proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 12 smart, sassy ladies of RomCom are sharing 12 short stories and novellas. You will find some new characters, some old characters in new situations and a whole lot of awesome for a great cause all wrapped up with a spooky, sexy, Halloween themed bow.
Authors:        Belle Aurora                         Jodie Beau                         Ruth Clampett                         L.H. Cosway                         R.S. Grey                         Z.B. Heller                         Jennie Marts                         Liv Morris                         Daisy Prescott                         Penny Reid                         N.M. Silber                         C.C. Wood
Add SHIVER to your Goodreads TBR list:
Stay tuned: Pre-orders will be available on Oct. 5

2 chances to win: a…

Cover Reveal: Life Next Door by J.D. Hollyfield

Life Next Door by J.D. Hollyfield Love Not Included #2 Publication Date: November 3, 2014 Genres: Contemporary, Humor, Romance

Synopsis There is only one thing in life that professional pastry Chef Pricilla Westcott values more than baking and wine, and that’s honesty. A quality she soon learns that her marriage lacks when her husband runs off with their next door neighbor. Divorced and alone, Priscilla is determined to make changes in her life. She decides to approach her new goals like one of her beloved recipes. Surely with a little time, a dash of patience, and measured planning she can whip herself—and her life—back into shape. However, when a new—and utterly delicious—neighbor takes up residence in the house that ruined her marriage, Priscilla worries that her careful world will fold faster than a deflated soufflĂ©. Trent Walker knows what he wants and his sweet, sassy neighbor is at the top of the list. He’s certain that the chemistry between them would …

Worth the Fall by Caitie Quinn Cover Reveal!

Worth the Fall by Caitie Quinn (Brew Ha Ha #2) Publication date: Fall 2014 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Synopsis: Kasey Lane is having a bad week.
Her idea of success never involved losing her job, man, and apartment in 24-hours. Now, with nowhere to go and no way to pay for it anyway, Kasey decides it’s time for a fresh start, which means a new apartment, a new career, and…no men.
But as a magnet for ridiculousness and absurd brushes with the law, her start goes from fresh to stale in record time. It doesn’t help that Mr. Wrong keeps showing up during her adventures gone awry and taking over. Now, as Kasey plans her way to independence she has to decide if the only path to success is going it alone…or if maybe a partner in crime can make the journey sweeter.


AUTHOR BIO Caitie Quinn is the Rom Com Writin' name of YA Golden Heart writer, Bria Quinlan.
Caitie writes stuff. Stuff that's f…

It's a Bookworm Makeover!

It's a Bookworm Makeover!
New cover!

(I have to give HUGE HUGS AND THANK YOUs to PepperJack Photography and Jolene Perry for my amazing design and pictures, and the FANTASTIC models, Dalton and Tanna.)
New blurb!

Getting kissed for a birthday present should not be a big deal. Especially for Brea Mason, who doesn’t think of her best friend, Adam Silver, in any way other than… well, a friend. But after the liplock she can’t seem to get him off her mind. And she has to, because Adam is a senior while she’s stuck in high school for another two years.
Then BAM, the perfect distraction comes along in the form of a new, hot sophomore who actually seems interested in Brea, despite her anti-social personality. And with the stress at home, stress at school, and ignoring the reality of all her friends leaving come June, Brea welcomes the distraction.

But when she sees four fat Fs on her report card, Brea needs a study buddy, and the best candidate is Adam, book nerd and math whiz. So she en…

Meet Shane Brookings....

It's no secret that I love Heidi Hutchinson's Double Blind Study series.  Who doesn't like boys in bands!  I wasn't sure how I would take the third book in the series, Tectonic, being about a non band member, and a former bad boy who caused a little trouble in the first book, Learn to Fly.  I felt Shane did redeem himself slightly in the second book, In Your Honor, but a whole book dedicated to him?  Well, I read Tectonic and do you know what I discovered???  I not only love boys in bands, but I love boys who can snowboard and surf!  Shane Brookings surprised me by being the total package.  He is hot, a former bad boy, and when he loves, he loves hard.  Did I mention that he is hot??? Because he is. Hot.
Check out the blurb:
No matter how solid something seems, if enough pressure is applied, hearts and lives will shift. Shane Brookings, passionate surfer and accomplished athlete, was not a rock star, as much as he tried to represent himself as one throughout most of h…

Blog Take-Over!

My Facebook blog page will be taken over tomorrow night, 8-10 p.m, by the fabulous Heidi Hutchinson! Everyone is invited! Invite your friends! Heidi loves to give away prizes, you don't want to miss it!