Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Ever After Box

I want to share with you this wonderful thing called the Ever After Box.  This is a literary themed box that arrives at your door step every month and contains all kinds of goodies. Paperbacks, bookmarks and digital book downloads are just a few of the things you will receive.  As you can see, the Cool Rider theme even contained a t-shirt!  The best thing?  You can order just one, or subscribe to automatically get one each month.  Missed a month?  Go online and order a past box.  They are unique, well thought out and crazy cute!!

Check out The Ever After Box Website:
You can also find them on: Twitter! @EverAfterBox and Facebook: Ever After Box Fans

This months theme:  Billionaire

Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm baaacck!

After almost a year, I am back! I hope I still have readers....

I started this blog because of my love of books.  Nothing makes me happier than to recommend books and authors.   I enjoy helping authors connect with their readers and spreading the news about their new releases.  What I found after starting this blog is, that after a while, I wasn’t reading for enjoyment, but tied to a to-do list of books I had to read and review ASAP.  I felt as if my reviews were becoming  generic and I was missing the excitement, the need to share, and the little bit of personality that I tried to infuse into my reviews. Being a full time wife and mother added to a full time teaching job, reviewing left me feeling like reading was becoming a chore.  So, I decided to stop for a while and read for myself and I haven’t typed one review since. After this much needed break, I am back. I am going to blog on my terms.  I am going to keep doing reviews, but with more fun character interviews and lots more recommending. 

What did I read while I was gone? Here are just a few...

- I was stuck in a Kristen Ashley vortex and I could not get out.  I blame the first Rock Chick book and then I was hooked. Seriously, I think I read most of her books at least twice.

-Reread some Aven Ellis because I love her and her crazy romantic romance.

-The Rule Book by Jennifer Blackwood

- Assured by Kaylee Ryan

-Fighting Lust by Jennifer Miller

-Tattoo Thief by Heidi Jo Tretheway

-Appealed by Emma Chase

-My Double Life: A Romantic Comedy by Janette Rallison

-My Kind of Love by Kristin Miller

-Masquerade by Sierra St. James

-The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn

-Let Love Be by Melissa Collins

-Things Liars Hide by Sara Ney

-Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid